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Appeal to the public to assist Afghan refugees

There have been numerous appeals from the UK Home Office and relevant charities for the British public to assist Afghan refugees where possible.

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‘Operation Warm Welcome’ faces challenges

The arrival of approximately 7,000 Afghan refugees to the UK to date has resulted in widescale logistical challenges for the government.

Over 15,000 Afghanis were evacuated by British personnel following the Taliban takeover of the country in August.

Since their arrival, there have been numerous reports of unsuitable accommodation and inadequate healthcare for individuals who have arrived in the UK.

On 29 August 2021, Boris Johnson confirmed that the UK government would provide support to those arrivals so that they could “rebuild their lives, find work, pursue education and integrate into their local communities.”

Reports in the Guardian carry claims of child refugees being “dumped” in unsafe hotels, refugees being treated like prisoners, unconfirmed reports of month-long stays in hotels against medical guidance.

Many charities around the country have stepped forward to assist refugees with accessing legal advice, medical care, mental health services, accommodation, financial supports, and basic supplies.

How you can help Afghan refugees

A number of organisations are accepting donations, volunteers, and other forms of support. Read more on the links below to each website.

Afghan and Central Asian Association: A network providing employment advice, language classes, and support groups for Afghani nationals since 1999 currently seeking support and donations

London Refugee Response: A fundraising donation has raised almost £46,000 so far to meet the needs of refugees arriving in London

Refugee Council: The UK’s Refugee Council is seeking donations, volunteers, campaigners, fundraisers and those who can rent homes to refugees

British Red Cross: The Red Cross is accepting donations to support its work in bringing humanitarian aid to people in Afghanistan and newly arrived refugees

Upbeat Communities: A religious charity providing welcome boxes, community integration activities, and English language classes to individuals

Companions of the Order of Malta: A voluntary organisation raising funds and delivering items such as clothing and other needs

Care4Calais: The refugee organisation is seeking assistance from the public in terms of financial donations, donating of winter coats and mobile phones, clothing and other essentials. As well as this, they are offering a wide range of support from legal assistance to English language classes and accommodation assistance

Kent Refugee Action Network: This charity supports young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees in Kent and are always looking out for community interpreters, outreach and welfare visitors, and administrative support

Refugee Action: This organisation supports refugees from meeting people at the airport, providing essential supplies, and are currently raising money to meet the needs of its service users

Other ways to help Afghan refugees arriving in the UK

Some other ways that you can assist people include offering a spare room or home that you have available on a temporary basis.

Organisations include:

It is also important to show wide public support and welcoming to the new arrivals. Some ways to demand more government action to assist people include writing to your MP and asking them to carry out the promises made in Operation Warm Welcome.

You can use the Government website to help refugees who have come to the UK with housing, fostering, or donations.

The government has also launched a community sponsorship programme to bring together communities wishing to support the resettlement of vulnerable people.

Individual councils around the UK are also issuing appeals for assistance on a case-by-case basis. You can check with your local council the type of support that is required.

If you have not found an organisation close to you in your area, it may be possible to set up your own organisation.

If you speak multiple languages, you could set up a language exchange group to assist with the development of language skills.

There are many ways to get involved, and as a major humanitarian crisis, it is important to work together to show support to people with urgent needs.

How IAS can help

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