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Crisis Management in Immigration

With the challenges of hiring people from abroad or moving employees via intra-company transfers, dealing with the immigration process should be done in partnership with an immigration specialist.

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Immigration Challenges Faced by HR When Hiring

Against the backdrop of the crisis levels of immigration, some people are voluntarily moving to other countries for work and to join family. The movement of people to fill vacancies, address labour shortages and expand companies internationally is necessary for global economic growth. However, that doesn’t mean the process is without problems and challenges.

Governments and border patrol agents must deal with the influx of large groups of migrants. However, many people can enter countries lawfully with the help of immigration lawyers and make a valuable contribution to businesses in their host country 

Hiring Foreigner Workers

When hiring workers from another country, there are a number of issues that you will come up against. First of all, you’ll be recruiting from a much larger pool of talent, which can be both time-consuming and costly. Once you have found a suitable candidate, you must be aware of any language, cultural and regulatory differences that should be addressed.

As an employer, you must understand the work permit requirements and the visa your staff member will need. Supporting a foreign worker with this process is important and will help to build trust and rapport between your company and the employee. Leaving them to sort out this paperwork alone may negatively affect your company’s culture.

Giving your new employee assistance in setting up bank accounts, finding accommodation and acclimatising to a new country will benefit the worker and the company in the long term. Using Zoom or Skype to introduce them to colleagues before they arrive can help them settle in more quickly, while connecting on social media also allows them to feel welcomed before they even arrive.

Non-nationals can bring a different dimension to your business with new skills and a fresh perspective. Attracting talent from across the globe will enhance your company’s reputation and diversity and may give you a competitive edge. It allows you to expand into new markets as foreign workers bring insight into dealing with diverse markets and customer bases, particularly in their home countries. 

The Role of HR

HR staff will be instrumental in hiring new employees from other countries. As an employer, if you wish to hire a temporary non-immigrant worker, you must file a petition with your country’s immigration services on their behalf. Someone who wishes to work and live permanently in another country must apply for a work-based immigrant visa from the relevant authorities.

All workers granted a work visa must abide by the conditions of their immigration status and terms of admission into the country. The company’s HR department should ensure that the employee is aware of and abides by these conditions and terms so that they are compliant with immigration laws.

Immigration Services

The immigration services of the receiving country are responsible for processing immigration applications and overseeing lawful immigration into that country.

An immigration system that provides rapid access to employment authorisation and better pathways to migration status helps migrants to integrate and become self-sufficient more quickly to contribute to the local communities.

Introducing immigration reform and more resources from finance institutions such as the World Bank allows host countries and communities to deal with global border crises.

Border Security

The increase in undocumented immigrants crossing borders globally has had a significant impact on local populations. The pressure on receiving communities in terms of medical services, medical care, and economic growth is evident and shows no sign of easing.

As immigrant populations increase, local governments are finding it increasingly difficult to provide humanitarian assistance while fulfilling their obligations to their communities. Law enforcement is often stretched and local authorities’ emergency preparedness is underfunded leaving these areas vulnerable to unexpected emergencies or natural disasters.

Migrants in the Workforce

The labour shortage in North America, the EU, and Australia offers an opportunity for governments to implement strategies to recruit migrants. Legalising many immigrants who can and want to be self-sufficient will go some way toward relieving the humanitarian crisis that an overwhelmed immigration service struggles to deal with.

Some European governments, such as France, have considered offering undocumented immigrants a chance to become legal residents if they commit to working in sectors that are experiencing labour shortages. Other countries, such as Australia, have substantially increased the cap on permanent migrants. Canada, with a 20% foreign-born population, has committed to a long-term strategy of hiring immigrants to fill the gaps in its labour market.

There are serious immigration and criminal consequences for irregular migration, so a worker must have the correct visa and work permit for the receiving country.

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What to Do When Your Employee’s Visa Is Denied

There can be several reasons why an employee’s work visa has been denied, e.g. missing or incomplete documentation, the employee lacks specific qualifications, or there is doubt that a genuine position was being offered. The receiving country’s immigration service will provide paperwork detailing the reason for the refusal, which you and your employee should read carefully.

In these circumstances, it is essential to have the support of an experienced immigration lawyer to help you understand the reason for refusal and how to rectify the situation. IAS has a team of qualified professionals who are familiar with work visas and ready to assist you with your application.

Immigration law is complex, and the processes for applying for a visa and work permit are rigorous and strict, allowing no room for error or omission. When hiring a non-national employee, there is always the risk of rejection by the immigration authorities. This can be demoralising for the worker but costly for your business in terms of time, effort and expense. You will then have to start the whole recruitment process from the beginning. 

The Benefits of Using an Immigration Lawyer for Your Business Needs

When a visa refusal is due to missing or incorrect information, it is often easier to reapply and include or adjust the information required. An immigration lawyer will know how to proceed and what additional evidence to provide to strengthen the employee’s case.

If your employee has been denied a work visa, they may want to file an appeal. This is a complex and stressful procedure, as the appeal must be filed within a certain period after receiving the denial. An appeal involves attempting to convince the immigration services that they made a mistake, which is not an easy task and requires an experienced and competent immigration specialist.

Whichever approach you and your employee intend to take, your chances of a successful outcome are increased when you are accompanied by a trained and knowledgeable immigration expert. Call IAS today at +44 (0)333 305 9375, and let us help you get the desired result.

How IAS Can Help You: Our Services

IAS offer a range of immigration services to businesses. These include supporting multinational corporations in obtaining employee visas, business immigration and sponsorship licences, and business visit visas.

We can also assist with the following:

  • Immigration strategy design for corporate restructuring
  • Multi-jurisdictional immigration assessment to consider the specific requirements for different jurisdictions
  • Country-specific business travel advice and compliance distinguishing between business and work activities
  • Eligibility assessments for individuals across various jurisdictions and strategic advice for navigating the immigration landscape
  • Global immigration policy support, including drafting, reviewing and updating internal global immigration policies to ensure compliance and efficiency
  • EU posted workers directives compliance advice to ensure your business mitigates risks and understands its obligation
  • HR immigration compliance training to provide an understanding of global immigration policies
  • Advocacy and government liaison services to allow us to advocate for our clients, provide feedback to decision-makers and drive beneficial change

If any of these services speak to what you need or you require advice or support about any other aspect of immigration get in touch with IAS either online via our contact form or by calling +44 (0)333 305 9375.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some work visas will require employer sponsorship, but not all. It is important to understand the requirements of your particular visa and those of the host country’s immigration service.

Migrants are people who choose to move to another country for work, family reunification or education among other things. Refugees are defined as those who have a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, nationality, religion, membership of a particular social group or political opinion in their home countries.

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