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Government Considering Student Dependant Visa Changes

A change to the criteria for Student Dependant Visas is being considered by the government, according to reports.

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Significant Increase in Student Dependent Visas Issued 

The Financial Times claims the Home Office is assessing whether reducing the number of Student Dependant Visas will have an impact on the UK’s overall migration levels.

There has been a significant increase in the number of students coming to the UK with their family members in recent years. In 2022,  there was a rise of 30 per cent, with the majority of Student Dependant Visas issued to family members of Nigerian and Indian students.

One possible restriction being looked at could see the removal of Student Dependant Visas being an option for international students enrolled in university post-graduate courses that last 12 months or less.

Ministers are also reported to be considering only allowing Student Dependant Visas to be issued to family members of those students studying certain subjects such as science, engineering or maths.

International Students Require “Clarity” on Potential Changes

Jamie Arrowsmith, director of Universities UK International, explained there was growing concern over the increase in dependents but called on the government to ensure there was “clarity” over any plans to limit restrictions on international students and their family members.

“We are committed to working with government to understand these issues and to find solutions that ensure the UK continues to welcome international students, and that we are able to grow numbers in a sustainable way that protects both the quality of the student experience and the UK’s global competitiveness,” he added.

Overseas Students Bringing Economic Benefits 

Meanwhile, a new report concluded that the benefit international students bring to the UK’s economy has risen by a third over the past three years.

Research by London Economics showed a rise from £31.3 billion in 2018/19 to £42 billion in 2021/22.

Dr Gavan Conlon, partner at London Economics, explained the average international student contributes around ten times as much to the UK’s economy than they take out.

He added: “International students also allow universities to undertake world-class teaching and research that would not otherwise be possible.”

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