The Home Office is currently undergoing scrutiny due to the fees that they are currently charging for registering a child as a British Citizen. Critics are now saying that they “destroy the futures of children who’ve grown up British for profit”.


There are currently thousands of children living in the UK who were born in the country, or have moved there at a young age. These children are obliged by law to pay £1,021 in order to be registered as a British Citizen.


The PRCBC (The Project for Registration of Children as British Citizens) and Amnesty International UK are calling for the government to review this current policy, as so many people cannot afford them. Instead, they are asking for the high court to reduce the fees for families on a lower income.


Many believe the charges are extortionate and are forcing families into poverty. In some severe instances, mothers have been forced to choose between buying food and getting enough money to afford these fees.


Additionally, the profits that are gained from these applications are used to offset unrelated immigration costs, even though many children affected were born in the UK and have never left.


It’s been estimated that as many as 120,000 children in the UK who have grown up British are now being burdened with these unaffordable charges in order to register for citizenship rights.


The judicial review calls for the fees to be lowered for 372, as this covers the complete administrative costs, as well as also introducing a waiver for children who come from families with low income.