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How much does a UK visa cost?

Visa and immigration charges can change frequently. This page contains a table with the most up-to-date visa costs for the UK (2021).

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    UK Visa Fees 2021

    If you wish to come to the UK and you need a visa, you will be required to pay an application fee as part of the process.

    The cost of the total fee depends on the type of visa, where you are applying from, and whether you are required to pay additional costs (such as the immigration healthcare surcharge, biometric residence permits, and any visa application centre costs).

    The list of visa application costs is current for 2021 and includes some of the most popular visa categories, as well as sponsor licence and citizenship fees.

    If you need a trusted legal expert to assist with your application, contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can help you.

    This table lists the most common visa fees and the application costs (made inside or outside the UK).

    UK Visa Costs 2021

    The following is a summary of the cost of the main immigration categories to obtain a UK visa. This information uses fee changes from 6 April 2021.

    Visa Type Application made in the UK Application made outside the UK
    Innovator £1,277 £1,021
    Start-Up £493 £363
    (Tier 1) Investor £1,623 £1,623
    Entrepreneur £1,277 £1,021
    Global Talent (initial application) £152 £152
    Global Talent (extension) £608 £608
    Graduate Entrepreneur £493 £363
    Exceptional Talent £608 £608
    Skilled Worker (3 years or less) £704 £610
    Skilled Worker (over 3 years) £1,408 £1,220
    Skilled Worker – Health and Care Visa (3 years or less) £232 £232
    Skilled Worker – Health and Care Visa (3 years or more) £464 £464
    Senior or Specialist Worker, Sportsperson, Minister of Religion Visa (3 years or less) £704 £610
    Intra-Company Transfer, Sportsperson, Minister of Religion Visa (over 3 years) £1,408 £1,220
    Student Visa £475 £348
    Child Student Visa £475 £348
    Temporary Worker, Seasonal Worker, Religious Worker, Charity Worker, Creative Worker, International Agreement Worker, Government Authorised Exchange Worker £244 £244
    Worker sponsor licence and Temporary Worker sponsor licence – large sponsor £1,476
    Worker sponsor licence (small sponsor) £536
    Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) for Skilled Worker, Minister of Religion, Sportsperson, Intra-company Transfer, Intra-company Transfer Graduate Trainee £199
    Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for T5 (Temporary worker) £21
    Spouse Visa £1,033 £1,523
    Leave to remain – Other £1,033
    British Naturalisation £1,330
    Nationality registration as a British citizen – adult £1,206
    Nationality registration as a British citizen – child £1,012
    Indefinite Leave to Remain £2,389
    Visitor Visa < 6 months   £95
    Visitor Visa < 2 years   £361
    Visitor Visa < 5 years   £655
    Visitor Visa < 10 years   £822
    European residence document (registration certificate, document certifying permanent residence, residence card, accession resident card, derivative residence card, permanent residence card) £65


    Immigration healthcare surcharge fees

    Some people may be required to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge (IHS) as part of their immigration application.

    The IHS is a fee that immigrants pay to cover the cost of use of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK.

    There are still additional costs for some services, including prescriptions, dental treatment, and eye tests.

    In general, those who are applying for a stay in the UK of longer than 6 months (or, alternatively, if a person is extending their stay while in the UK) will be required to pay the surcharge, even if they hold private medical insurance.

    A full list of who must pay the IHS is available on the website. If you hold a visitor visa and you intend to enter the UK, you will not need to pay the charge.

    The cost of the immigration healthcare surcharge is as follows:

    Visa type Immigration healthcare surcharge (per annum)
    Student visa £470
    Youth Mobility Scheme visa £470
    Visa and immigration applicants aged under 18 £470
    All other visa and immigration applications £624

    In most cases, dependents will pay the same fee as the main applicant. The exact fee depends on the length of leave you are granted.

    You must pay the fee as part of your application. If you fail to pay, your application may be denied.

    Sponsorship costs

    Since the changes to the UK immigration system, employers must now apply for sponsor licences if they wish to hire employees from the EU (as well as non-EEA employees).

    The sponsor licence application is a complex process and it is vital that employers follow all the guidelines to ensure that their application is accepted.

    The fee for a sponsor licence depends on whether the applicant is a small or large organisation, and what category of organisation it is.

    Below is a table of the 2021 sponsorship application costs:

    Type of licence Fee for small or charitable sponsors Fee for medium or large sponsors
    Worker £536 £1,476
    Temporary Worker £536 £536
    Worker and Temporary Worker £536 £1,476
    Add a Worker licence to an existing Temporary Worker licence No fee £940
    Add a Temporary Worker licence to an existing Worker licence No fee No fee

    Approximately 80% of applications will be decided within eight weeks. As part of the decision-making process, UK Visas and Immigration may conduct on-site visits to your business.

    In some cases, it may be possible to pay an extra £500 for an expedited decision (within ten working days).

    It is important to submit a thorough and comprehensive application that is error-free to comply with the Home Office’s guidance. If not, your application could be refused or rejected.

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      Citizenship costs

      Applying for British citizenship is one of the most important choices a person can make. In many cases, people will make the decision if they have held indefinite leave to remain for at least one year, and they fulfil the other requirements (including the minimum years of residency requirement).

      It currently costs £1,330 to apply for the naturalisation process that leads to British citizenship. However, there are a number of other associated costs.

      If you are submitting your citizenship application to the Home Office, you should ensure that you are fully aware of all the costs involved.

      Below are the current British citizenship fees for 2021:

      Category type Fee from 6 April 2021
      Naturalisation £1,330
      Naturalisation (British overseas territory citizens) £1,000
      Nationality registration as a British citizen – adult £1,206
      Nationality registration as a British citizen – child £1,012
      The arrangement of a citizenship ceremony (including the administration of a citizenship oath and pledge at the ceremony) £80
      The administration of a citizenship oath, or oath and pledge where the oath, or oath and pledge, are not administered at a citizenship ceremony or by a justice of the peace £5
      Nationality registration – British overseas territory citizen, British overseas citizens, British Subjects, British protected persons – adult £901
      Nationality registration – British overseas territory citizen, British overseas citizens, British Subjects, British protected persons – child £810
      Renunciation of nationality £372
      Certificate of entitlement – (right of abode) £372
      Nationality review £372
      Status letter £250
      Non-acquisition letter £250
      Nationality correction to certificate £250
      Nationality – supply of a certified copy of a notice, certificate, order or declaration 250


      How can IAS help with your visa application?

      When it comes to making immigration applications, IAS is well-positioned to help you throughout the whole process.

      One of our experienced immigration lawyers will work directly with you to outline all the costs involved in your application. As each case is different, we will explain exactly what is involved based on your individual circumstances.

      Some of the additional costs include providing your biometric information, proving your English language levels (where relevant), or the Life in the UK test (where relevant).

      We also ensure that your documents are accompanied by certified translations so that you can be confident in submitting your application and meeting the eligibility requirements.

      If you have any doubts about the process, reach out to our friendly advisers for a discussion about your specific needs.

      Many of these applications will have a number of routes that may suit your circumstances more and will therefore come with a slightly different cost.

      For an accurate price on Home Office fees for your intended application for a visa UK, contact one of our expert immigration lawyers, located in areas across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Manchester, today on 0333 363 8577.

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