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IAS receives Excellence rating for our work in Immigration and Asylum

The IAS has received an excellence rating in a Peer Review Report into our work in Immigration and Asylum.

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IAS receives Excellence Peer Review rating

The IAS is pleased to announce that we have received a prestigious – Category 1- Excellence – rating for our work in Immigration and Asylum

The rating is part of a Peer Review Audit by the Legal Aid Agency that took place in April this year, the review looked at examples of the work carried out by the IAS during this time and assessed this against five categories of ratings. 

Category 1 -Excellence is the highest rating that can be awarded, Excellence ratings are rare so the IAS is immensely proud of this achievement that shows our commitment to providing outstanding immigration and asylum services. 

The Peer Review resulted in many positive findings and evidence of excellent work throughout all case types.

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Positive findings in the review

Just a few of the positive findings amongst the 12 cases reviewed included that the IAS:

  • Clearly knew immigration law and policy well and ensured that advice was tailored to our client’s cases
  • Worked quickly in urgent cases involving removal proceedings and continued to work to a high standard
  • Made succinct, relevant and persuasive representations to the Home Office on relevant issues, including deficiencies in the interview process, the supporting letters, and the country information
  • Thought about possible problems in a case and sought to address this and made good use of case-law and country information. When one client was granted asylum within three months, this outcome was clearly down to the IAS’s excellent work.
  • Gave clear and relevant legal advice to clients 
  • Provided attendance notes and files that were clear, neat and easy to follow in all cases

What standard qualifies as a Category 1 – Excellence rating?

Indicators of Excellence in the standard of work include:

  • Clients’ instructions are fully and appropriately recorded.
  • Communication, advice and other work are tailored to each individual client’s circumstances.
  • Clients are all advised correctly and in full.
  • All issues are progressed comprehensively, appropriately and efficiently.
  • There is a demonstration of in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the wider context.
  • There is excellent use of tactics and strategies, demonstrating skill and expertise, in an attempt to ensure the best outcomes for clients.
  • The provider adds value to their cases, taking a fully proactive approach.
  • There are no areas for major improvement

IAS’s commitment to providing high-quality immigration services

The IAS is proud to have been recognised for its high standards of work in immigration and asylum. We believe that everyone should be entitled to reliable, professional immigration, and asylum advice and our dedicated, experienced, and passionate team of UK immigration lawyers have worked hard to uphold this belief in the work that they do every day. 

We remain committed to continuing to sustain this level of excellence in all of the services we offer so that our clients receive the best quality of assistance possible. 

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