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Looking for an immigration lawyer in Lewisham?

Are you in need of immigration solicitors in Lewisham? Our immigration lawyers can help resolve any issue or query you have about any aspect of immigration law.

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    Looking for immigration solicitors in Lewisham?

    If you need an immigration solicitor in Lewisham, our expert advisers are here to help. Whatever your immigration matter, we can put you in touch with a lawyer who will listen to your needs and help you get you the result you are looking for.

    Situated in Lewisham, our office provides those in South London with easy access to our high-quality services. If you need advice on working, studying, joining family or settlement, our lawyers have an excellent track record of successful applications in each of these fields. We also have specialists in corporate immigration and asylum law.

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    Why you should use an immigration lawyer

    When applying to the UK authorities, seeking the help of a professional immigration adviser is highly recommended. Each application to the UKVI has strict requirements which must be met before you apply. Working visas operate under a Points-based system and even Visitor Visas have strict expectations which can cause your application to be denied if you have not provided the correct evidence.

    With the specialist help of the team at IAS, your application will be managed by your personal immigration lawyer and reviewed thoroughly to ensure that all the common pitfalls are avoided. As part of our application services, you will receive information on what documents you can use to support your application and alternatives should you be unable to provide some of their initial suggestions.

    Since visa applications are such an important process, make sure you save yourself as much stress, time and effort as possible by instructing IAS. We can support you with advice, applications and appeal proceedings.

    Why you should choose IAS

    Our office in Lewisham is in a prime location and staffed by a friendly, welcoming team of immigration lawyers ready to help you. Your lawyer will listen carefully to your situation and provide you with a plan of action to get you a positive result from the UK authorities.

    Our services provide you with support through every step of the process. With extensive practice in every area of immigration law, come to IAS for advice with personal, corporate, nationality or asylum enquiries.

    Our company reviews

    If you would like to know more about how we maintain our great reputation with our clients, you can read some of our Immigration Advice Service reviews. You can also take a look at our Case Studies to find out how our lawyers have used their creativity and skill to assist previous clients.

    Getting in touch

    As one of the largest and longest-serving providers of immigration advice, make sure your future is in safe hands by getting in touch today to start your process. Call us free on 020 3944 3299 or make an enquiry using our online form.

    Our Immigration lawyers in Leicester are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you wish to join your partner to get married in the UK, you need a Fiancé Visa UK. This permit is valid for six months in total from the date of issue, to give you time to get married finally. To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

    • Your partner must be a British citizen or settled person;
    • You must intend to get married within six months;
    • You have physically met each other before the time of your application;
    • You can support yourselves financially.

    To start your immigration journey and be soon able to join your beloved one in the UK, get in touch with IAS today. Our team of immigration lawyers is based in Lewisham, as well as in several other locations in the UK.

    If your visa has been refused, you must have received further instructions about your right of appeal.

    In several cases, it is not necessary to submit an Administrative Review. Your dedicated IAS’ immigration lawyers in Lewisham can review your application form and supporting documentation. In other words, you will be able to submit a new application for your visa, and this time, your chances of success will be higher.

    However, if you wish to dispute the Home Office’s decision, one of our legal advisers can guide you through every step of your Administrative Review. By doing this, you will ask the UKVI to reconsider your application and review its decision.

    If the Home Office rejects your application again, you may be able to proceed with a Judicial Review.

    Whether the complexity of your case, our immigration lawyers in Lewisham will be happy to address your issues. Your legal expert will work with you to find the perfect strategy to submit a successful Administrative Review.

    If you wish to learn more about UK immigration law, you can attend one of our OISC Training Courses in Lewisham.

    You do not need any formal qualification to attend these classes. However, if you want to kickstart your career in this field, you can proceed with the OISC Exams.

    To learn more about our OISC training course, you can come and meet our team of immigration lawyers in Lewisham. You can also get in touch with us and ask for a free call back from our staff.

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