A large portion of the British public want the UK to retain at least “full access” to the EU’s single market after Britain departs from the EU in March 2019, a new poll has revealed.


It has been revealed that the lowest level of integration has steadily increased over the course of the year and the figure now stands at more than 60%.


This public desire adds even more pressure to Theresa May, who is still locked into debate with Brussels, regarding Britain’s post-Brexit deal. With little to no progress being made, there is now a fear that Britain will have no deal with the EU.


It’s believed that the EU is preparing to offer the UK a Canada-style free trade agreement. This isn’t necessarily the best “frictionless” trade that May was seeking. According to BMG this is something that only a quarter of citizens who were surveyed wanted.


The recent poll conducted by the Independent samples more than 1,500 people what their preferred option would be, this included the following:


  • Full EU membership with no limits on immigration
  • Full single market membership, similar to remaining in the EEA, with moderate immigration limits
  • Retaining “full access” to the single market, with entirely new immigration rules
  • Seeking a free trade deal with a degree of access to the single market and stricter immigration controls
  • No free trade deal with strict immigration rules


As many at 63% of those surveyed agreed that they would like the first three options, meaning that the clear majority would like to continue to have access to the three market.