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Rwanda policy resulting in the poor mental health of asylum seekers

The Home Office Rwanda policy was implemented in order to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda. Since its introduction earlier this year, refugees and asylum seekers have reported feeling suicidal thoughts and a decline in mental wellbeing.

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An increase in those with suicidal thoughts

The Home Office’s Rwanda policy has once more been criticized after it has been reported that there has been an increase in asylum seekers reporting suicidal thoughts and going missing from their accommodation.

The findings were brought to life in an internal safeguarding document, which has left officials outraged at the Home Office, calling them “heartless” as they continued to pursue their plan of action regardless of its devastating effects.

Meeting minutes revealed the consequences of the policy

Accommodation contractors have since said that they have seen a rise in asylum seekers reporting suicidal thoughts and threatening to harm themselves.

The meeting minutes have noted contractors stating that the Rwanda action plan has raised tensions and amongst service users since coming into play.

A consistent trend of service users saying they would harm themselves or even end their own life has occurred since the Rwanda policy was introduced.

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Director of Medical Justice, Emma Ginn, has said:

“This freedom of information disclosure shows that the Home Office’s own contractors back up our medical evidence warning that there is an increased level of self-harm and suicide risk following the Rwanda policy announcements, yet the Home Office seems to be carrying on regardless. It is heartless and most disturbing, and makes one wonder if the Home Office has any limits as to what it is prepared to subject human beings to.”

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