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    Need an immigration lawyer in Slough?

    We are can help you if you are looking for immigration advice in or near Slough. Our team of expert lawyers is perfectly poised to help with any immigration issue.

    Whether you are looking for support with entry clearance, nationality, asylum or corporate claims — we can help. Our lawyers have a history of helping clients achieve success in their cases. In the past, our immigration advisers have assisted with everything from complex citizenship applications to family reunion claims.

    Our team of specialist immigration lawyers can assist with any application no matter what your immigration query, need or issue.

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    Our immigration lawyers in Slough are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    As an accredited firm with an international client base, IAS’ immigration lawyers in Slough have significant experience in delivering excellent legal advice.

    Every day, our top immigration lawyers in Slough help individuals and businesses that wish to relocate in the UK. We also help family reunite in the country, as well as permanent citizens seeking British Citizenship.

    Our immigration advice services include different UK visas categories, such as:

    • Partner Visas;
    • Family Visas;
    • Immigration law services;
    • Asylum-seekers assistance;
    • Student Visas;
    • Leisure and Business Visitors Visa.

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    The UK is one of the most popular destinations. Every year, thousands of tourists from all around the world decide to visit this country. However, non-EU nationals need to apply for a Visitor Visa before they can enter the UK. This permit allows you to travel to the UK for several purposes, such as:

    IAS’s immigration law specialists in Slough are specialists in providing support with several visa categories, including visitors permits. Whether you wish to visit your family in the UK or enjoy your holidays in the country, we can offer the necessary support.

    Your dedicated lawyers will review your case and evaluate your eligibility. With our help, you can plan your trip without having to worry about your UK Visitor Visa.

    Book your first meeting with one of our legal experts in Slough to get professional advice.

    A civil partnership is a relationship legally registered between two people of the same sex. Under UK legislation, these couples receive the same treatment and benefit from equal rights as opposite-sex and married couples.

    In other words, if you wish to join your civil partner in the UK, but you are not an EU national, you must apply for a UK Civil Partner Visa.

    To be eligible, you must meet several requirements, such as:

    • You should be in a committed relationship;
    • Your relationship must be monogamous;
    • You both must intend to live together;
    • You must be able to sustain yourselves financially.

    IAS offers expert legal advice in Slough. Our team of top immigration lawyers in the UK can help you attain your Partner Visa and join your beloved one in the country.

    Your dedicated adviser will ensure that you meet the requirements for this visa and review your supporting evidence. With our help, your chances of a successful application for a UK Partner Visa will be maximised. Get in touch with our team of professional immigration lawyers to learn more about our services.

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