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Unmarried Partner Visa UK Success Rate for Nigerians

You may improve the success rate for your Unmarried Partner visa if you meet the Home Office requirements. Similarly, engaging a bespoke immigration adviser for guidance on your Unmarried Partner visa application will increase your visa application success rate.

For more insights on the Unmarried Partner visa UK success rate and how to have a successful Unmarried partner visa application, reach out to one of our friendly immigration advisers at IAS by calling us on +23413438882 or our UK Office on +44 (0) 3316300929. You can contact us online.

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We have successfully assisted numerous Nigerians in reuniting them with their partners in the UK through an Unmarried Partner visa. Our team of experienced lawyers can support you with your application. Let us handle all the complexities and make your travel plans as stress-free as possible

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What Is the UK Unmarried Partner Visa Success Rate?

The UK Unmarried Partner visa authorises the partner of a British citizen or UK visa holder to join them in the UK. With this visa, you may qualify to stay in the UK permanently when you get an indefinite leave to remain after living in the UK for 5 years.

You are not guaranteed a successful application while applying for the UK Unmarried Partner visa. This is because most applicants fail to provide enough proof of a genuine relationship with their partner who lives in the UK.

Currently, there is no official success rate for the unmarried partner visa UK, and applicants who can’t meet the required standard are always rejected by the Home Office.

The Unmarried Partner visa may be refused by the Home Office for some reasons like filling out your application form incorrectly. This Unmarried Partner visa application process is a bit confusing, and it has strict requirements. Because of this, you have a higher chance of making a mistake when applying.

How to Make a Successful Unmarried Partner Visa Application

Although it’s not in your hands to decide whether your Unmarried Partner visa application will be successful or not, you still need to ensure that you and your partner meet some standards to have a higher chance of success.

Therefore, in order to make a successful unmarried partner visa application you must meet the Unmarried Partner visa UK requirements. They include:

  • You and your partner must be 18 years or older.
  • Your partner has to be a British citizen or has Irish nationality, indefinite leave to remain in the UK, Refugee or humanitarian protection immigration status.
  • Relationship with your partner for at least 2 years.
  • You need to prove that you and your partner have plans to stay together indefinitely.
  • Your sponsor has an annual income of £18,600 to sponsor you (even more if children are to be sponsored as well).
    • If it includes your children then, £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child.
  • You must provide a medical test report (Tuberculosis test report).
  • You and your partner can support yourselves financially without needing public funds.
  • You must pass an approved English test.
  • You and your partner must have accommodation.

How Difficult Is It to Have a Successful Unmarried Partner Visa Application?

Getting the Unmarried Partner visa application approved is not an easy task when you consider the requirements for the Unmarried Partner visa applications. You and your partner must prove that you’ve been in a relationship for at least 2 years.

A mistake made on the Unmarried Partner visa application form can also risk the refusal of your application. All humans are prone to mistakes, so carefulness while filling out the visa application form is required.

Additionally, getting all the right supporting documents for your application might be quite confusing and difficult. Because of this, you need to engage expert guidance from a UK immigration adviser to help you gather all the documents you need to include in your application and submit it to the Home Office on time. Call us today on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929.

Sometimes this visa application gets refused because all applications are not guaranteed to be successful but are aimed to have a higher chance of success when applying. The way out is to file an appeal to the UK’s First-tier Tribunal.

Get Expert Help with Your Unmarried Partner Visa Application

In order to have a higher chance of success in your Unmarried Partner visa, you need to get expert help from an immigration lawyer.

The following is how you can find and choose the right immigration lawyer:

Check for Immigration Lawyer in Your Area

Searching for an immigration lawyer in your area is the first step in making a decision. IAS is in several countries, including Nigeria, and can help you with your unmarried partner visa application. We are accredited in the UK and have helped several individuals obtain the right visa for their needs.

Qualifications and Experience

Checking the credentials and experience of the immigration lawyer is crucial once you have one in mind. An experienced immigration lawyer should have dealt with situations comparable to yours and be admitted to practise law in your state.

Carryout Consultation

Make an appointment for a consultation with the immigration lawyer you wish to take up your case. You can talk about your immigration circumstance and inquire about the lawyer’s background and strategy throughout the session.

Additionally, you may want to take advantage of this chance to assess the lawyer’s suitability for the job and whether the lawyer has the knowledge to take up the case.

Evaluate the Cost

During your consultation, ensure you have detailed information regarding the financial requirement you need to meet. Therefore, inquire about the lawyer’s rates and any potential extra expenses.

You need to inquire about payment options, such as payment plans, in order to find out if the lawyer’s prices are within your budget. So, when choosing an immigration lawyer, it’s important to take your budget into account because fees might vary greatly.

Speciality in Immigration Law

Finding a lawyer who specialises in immigration law is important because immigration law is complicated and continually evolving. A lawyer who focuses on immigration law will be more qualified to handle your case since the lawyer has a thorough understanding of the immigration procedure.

Familiarity with Your Situation

You need to get a lawyer who has thrived on situations that are like yours because there are unique complexities around different immigration cases. This is why you need to look for a lawyer who has experience in handling the Unmarried Partner visa applications process.

Communication Skills

During your conversation with the lawyer, you should be able to know if the lawyer can clarify confusing legal terms throughout your consultation. The relationship between the two of you will be successful if it’s based on open and effective communication.

Trust and Reliability

You should know if you can rely on an immigration lawyer to help you in your case. Getting your Unmarried Partner visa is one of your dream goals and for that fact, you wouldn’t want to hand it over to someone who will not give in their all to get your visa approved.

Track Record

Because you need your visa application to be successful, you should get an immigration lawyer who has a history of high success rate of applications for clients to handle your case as well. You may want to understand the performance of the lawyer through past clients’ reviews and references.

Get in touch with our expert immigration lawyers to receive assistance on the Unmarried Partner Visa.

How to Appeal a Rejected Unmarried Partner Visa Application

If your Unmarried Partner visa application gets rejected, you don’t have to worry because you can still launch an appeal to get it approved, especially if you can prove that the Home Office decision was not correct.

If you decide to appeal the rejected visa application, you should do it as fast as possible. This is because you have a limited time as you’ll need to appeal to the First Tier Tribunal (FtT) within 28 days of your Unmarried Partner visa application being rejected.

If there is a violation of your human rights in your case, then you have the right to challenge the refusal of your visa application. You may need to appear at an oral hearing where you can present evidence, or your appeal may be evaluated based on the documents you provide to the First Tier Tribunal.

You will need to appeal to the Upper Tribunal if your appeal to the First Tier Tribunal is unsuccessful within 14 days of the appeal denial.

However, in some cases you can as well do the following if your application is rejected:

  • Submit a new application. If you meet all the eligibility criteria, submitting a new application is usually the easiest way to get a successful Unmarried Partner visa application. Your immigration lawyer can help you get all the required documents and other necessary requirements to improve your Unmarried Partner visa application success rate.
  • Ask for a judicial review to understand the legality of the decision. You should consider this as the last option because it takes a lot of time to get through it.

Processing Time for an Unmarried Partner Visa Application Take?

The Unmarried Partner visa UK processing time is currently 2 to 3 months. During this processing time, the Home Office has to make a decision on the Unmarried Partner visa.

Most times, delays in visa application processing time are because of insufficient documents or information to support your application. However, you may pay an additional fee to fast-track your visa application.

How Can IAS Help

The Unmarried Partner visa application is quite complicated. This is because of the strict requirements involved and the little or no margin for mistakes involved in the Unmarried Partner visa UK success rate.

You need the help of an immigration lawyer to guide you through the Unmarried Partner visa application process. We have handled similar visa application processes for other clients and can help you as well.

With our expert guidance in your Unmarried Partner visa application, we will help increase your chance of success. This is because we will ensure your application is without errors and has sufficient proof for the Home Office.

We can assist you in preparing for your interviews and even assembling all the required documents for the Unmarried Partner visa and follow you through all the stages of your application process for your visa to be approved.

For more information about the Unmarried Partner visa UK success rate and the services we offer, get in touch with us today by calling us on +23413438882 or +44 (0) 3316300929. You can also contact us online.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at our Lagos office, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the Unmarried Partner visa UK cost is £1,048 within the United Kingdom. While £1,538 will be paid if the application is submitted from outside the UK.

The UK de facto visa, commonly referred to as the unmarried partner visa, enables an unmarried partner to enter or remain in the UK on the grounds that they are in a relationship with someone who lives and is settled in the UK.

Because you are applying from outside the UK, you will be issued a 33 month period to stay in the UK, while applicants within the UK have a 30 month period. But an additional extension of 30 months can take your stay in the United Kingdom up to 5 years.

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