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    Looking for the leading immigration lawyers in Wakefield?

    If you need an immigration lawyer in Wakefield, the team at IAS are perfectly positioned to assist you. Our team of expert lawyers have experience with every type of visa application and have an excellent track record of great results.

    Whether you need advice with family immigration, working or studying in the UK, settlement or corporate immigration, we can provide tailored advice. At IAS, we can help with a range of queries, including advice, applications and appeals. Our professional team can advise you on anything from Spouse Visas to Entrepreneur Visas. Our services include, but are not limited to:

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    Why do you need an immigration lawyer?

    The government is regularly updating and amending the Immigration Rules. The policy guidelines the Home Office work under have more than doubled since 2010. Even for those who have experienced the UK immigration system in the past, the many developments being implemented can make any UK visa application complex and stressful.

    Consulting a specialist can help remove a lot of this stress from the process. Our lawyers ensure that they are always up to date with Home Office policy, meaning that the advice you receive will always be accurate and well-informed.

    An immigration lawyer will also help you to understand the process without the hassle of having to manage the entire application yourself. Our service includes completion of your application forms and organisation of your documents by your personal immigration lawyer.

    Why choose IAS?

    Our detailed, step-by-step approach to the visa application process will put your application in the best position possible to be a success. Your personal lawyer will listen to your circumstances before advising you on the best route to take. Your lawyer will also manage your application, informing you of which documents to provide to prove you meet every requirement of your chosen visa.

    If you are looking for the best immigration lawyers in Wakefield, we can provide you with detailed, accurate and effective immigration advice, application and asylum support. With decades of experience helping clients receive their UK immigration status, we understand what the Home Office is looking for.

    Put your application in the hands of the professionals by coming to IAS and speaking with a specialist in your field of immigration law.

    Our Immigration lawyers in Wakefield are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

    Our reviews

    We are proud of the many ways we have supported our clients through the immigration system, sometimes through very complex cases. Read through our case studies for more details on the process we have taken with our clients or check out our Immigration Advice Service reviews.

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    The lawyers at IAS are dedicated to assisting their clients through every step of the process. To put your application in the hands of the experts, call us today on 0192 491 9715, make an enquiry online or email us at [email protected].

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IAS proudly deliver excellent immigration advice to our clients who wish to enter the UK or to settle in the country. Our application packages are designed to take into consideration every step of a successful UK visa application.

    Before we proceed with your case, we assess your eligibility for your desired visa. In this way, you will always be aware of your options, and you will know what to expect from your claim.

    Our team of immigration lawyers in Wakefield is ready to handle your case and work tirelessly to maximise your chance to get your visa.

    We employ some of the top immigration lawyers in the UK, with a very high rate of success. Whether the complexity of your case, we are happy to help.

    Whether your immigration issue, IAS offers different packages to meet your needs. Our team of immigration lawyers in Wakefield is experienced in handling every case, working tirelessly to get the best positive outcome.

    Based on your circumstances, we can offer several immigration solutions. Our Immigration Advice process consists of:

    • Professional assessment of your case;
    • Review of your supporting documentation;
    • Detailed instructions on how to complete your application form;
    • Regular sessions with your dedicated lawyer to check the status of your application;
    • Preparation of a Letter of Representation to highlight the merits of your claim.

    To learn more about our immigration packages, get in touch today with our team of immigration law specialists in Wakefield.

    At IAS, we believe families should be able to live together and be happy. For this reason, we provide dedicated legal advice packages for both Partner and Family Visas issues.

    Our team of expert immigration lawyers in Wakefield can help you join your beloved ones in the UK if you are a non-EU national. Our team’s knowledge covers several areas of immigration law, including:

    • Fiancé and Unmarried Partner Visas;
    • Spouse Visas;
    • Children and Adults Dependants;
    • Domestic Violence;
    • Forced Relationships.

    Judicial Review is a High Court procedure intended to challenge decisions made by public authorities. This means you can decide for this process if you believe you are unhappy with the rejection of your visa.

    Judicial Review is always a remedy of last resort, and it is worth proceeding only if you have a strong case. This is a complex process, and it is almost impossible to succeed without legal representation.

    As part of our Appeal Package, one of our immigration lawyers in Wakefield will:

    • Write to the Home Office before you go to trial to attempt to negotiate;
    • Give you detailed instructions on how to proceed;
    • Develop a comprehensive document bundle for the court to outline the merits of your case;
    • Represent you at the full hearing before the tribunal.

    Call us or ask for a free call back from our legal experts in Wakefield to learn more about our services.

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