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African university graduates not eligible for new UK work visa

The Home Office has recently published a list of top-rates international universities whose graduates are eligible for the High Potential Individual Visa. Absent on this list include both African and Italian academic institutions.

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What is the High Potential Individual Visa?

The High Potential Individual Visa is a new UK visa whose goal is to attract overseas talent to come to the UK in order to help contribute to the UK workforce. This UK visa is a short-term visa valid for 2-3 years and is available for those who have graduated from an eligible top-rated international university within the past 5 years with either an undergraduate degree or Ph.D.

Starting May 30th, 2022, eligible graduates may apply for this visa without requiring a job offer in the UK. Individuals who have been approved for this visa are eligible to switch to a long-term employment visa in the future. This visa costs £715 and is subject to an additional immigration health surcharge fee.

Library at the University of Washington

What universities are considered top universities by the UK Home Office?

The UK Home Office has recently published its list of eligible universities that it considers to be some of the best in the world. The lists are divided into years in which the applicant has graduated. The eligible universities for graduates of the 2021/2022 school year can be found here. Eligible universities were chosen for this list if they have appeared at least twice as a top 50 educational institution in the following ranking lists:

Controversially, these lists do not include African or Italian universities prompting many critics to accuse the Home Office of being biased against African talent and the system used to rank international universities which many considered to be flawed and favor wealthy and long-established institutions.

Interested in applying for the High Potential Individual Visa?

If you are a recent graduate from a university that the UK Home Office considers being one of the top-rated in the world and would like to come to the UK to work, contact us today to learn more about the new High Potential Individual Visa.

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