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Blueprint in place for new UK Immigration Removal Centre

Plans have been put in place to refurbish a former detention centre which could open its doors as soon as next year.

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New Oxfordshire IRC could be operating from late next year

The UK Home Office has recently implemented a blueprint for a new Immigration Removal Centre to be built in Oxfordshire.

It is now public knowledge that the department has its first stage plans underway to get the Immigration Removal Centre built on the site of the previous Campsfield House, another former detention centre.

The Immigration Detention Centre is not expected to begin operation until late 2023, when it’ll be a men-only facility of high security.

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The Home Office stresses that the welfare of detainees is of huge importance

Once up and running, the centre in question is anticipated to hold a maximum of 400 men at any time, which may include a selection of foreign criminals and immigration offenders- who will be housed over a mixture of refurbished and new build accommodation.

The Home Office has stressed that the welfare of those being held in the IRC is of paramount importance to them, with a wide range of primary healthcare facilities set to be on offer to its detainees.

The detention centre is said to be part of a fair but firm approach to immigration breaches in the UK, if those who are asked to leave do not comply and do so voluntarily.

Tom Pursglove MP, Minister for Justice and Tackling Illegal Migration has said:

“Those who have abused the immigration system, including foreign national criminals who have devastated the lives of their victims, should be in no doubt of our determination to remove them. This is what the British public rightly expects.”

“Opening a new immigration removal centre, as part of the New Plan for Immigration, will help ensure there is sufficient detention capacity to safely accommodate individuals ahead of removal.”

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