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Home Secretary joins police on immigration raid hours before her resignation

Home Secretary Suella Braverman was seen just hours before her resignation in attendance at an immigration raid in Banbury, following on from suspected illegal immigration.

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Seulla Braverman leaves Liz Truss’s cabinet

Suella Braverman joined police on an immigration raid in Banbury, Oxfordshire just hours before she made the decision to hand in her resignation as UK Home Secretary.

It is thought that Braverman informed the Prime Minister of her decision on the afternoon of 19th October with clear intentions that she wished to step down from her role. It is thought that she made an admission of guilt after breaching rules after sending an official Government document from her personal email address to a fellow parliament colleague.

Braverman accompanied officials on an immigration raid yesterday

Just hours before her resignation, Suella Braverman attended a raid in Banbury alongside the National Crime Agency which saw a 31-year-old woman arrested and taken to custody.

The 13-year-old woman, who was an Albanian national has been suspected of facilitating illegal immigration by assisting in the transportation of migrants in boats across the English Channel.

It is thought that each migrant had paid between 3,000 and 15,000 Euros to be smuggled into the United Kingdom.

In a press release, Braverman said:

“Today’s operation sends a clear message that we are committed to bringing to justice the criminal gangs behind these deadly journeys across the Channel. The NCA is carrying out vital work with our international partners to tackle people smuggling networks who treat human lives as a commodity.”

She then added: “We will use every tool at our disposal to go further and faster in disrupting their business model, deterring illegal migration and saving lives.”

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