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How to complete the SET O Form (ILR Application Form)

Once you have checked that you meet the ILR requirements, you can submit your application to the UKVI. To do this, you need to complete a SET O application form.

Completeting the SET O Form for ILR

Indefinite Leave to Remain allows you to live and work in the UK without immigration restrictions. It is a preliminary step before seeking British citizenship.

Once you have checked that you meet the ILR requirements, you can submit your application to the UKVI. To do this, you need to complete a SET O application form.

Filling your SET O form in properly is essential. Your ILR application costs £2,404 (as of February 2023), and this is a non-refundable fee. This means you do not want your application to be rejected.

At IAS, we understand that this process may be stressful. For this reason, our experts have produced an exhaustive guide on how to complete your SET O Form. This will not only offer you an overview of this procedure but also guide you step-by-step through your application.

How to file your SET O Application Form

The Set O form can be found on the UKVI website. It is over 70 pages long and consists of 13 different sections. The application form focuses on three main areas:

  • Your personal details and immigration status;
  • ILR requirements, based on your status;
  • Additional information that the UKVI needs to process your application.
ilr application

Paying for your ILR Fees

The first part of the SET O Form is intended to collect your personal information as well as your payment details. Making any mistakes while filing these pages may delay or jeopardise your application. Your details must be correct and up to date, to ensure that your payment can be processed properly.

You will be asked to provide a valid address in the UK, that will be used for any correspondence from the UKVI. If you do not have access to a place of residence in the UK, you can register the address of your solicitor or any other authorised immigration adviser.

The amount you need to pay depends on your status – single applicant or with dependants. If you do not tick any fee on your form, the UKVI will refuse your application.

You can pay your application fees either by postal order, cheque, debit or credit card, and banker’s draft. If you are paying by card, it is recommended to inform your bank of your intention to transfer large or multiple amounts of money. Otherwise, the anti-fraud measures may stop the payment from being taken, and your application will be void.

SET O Form (Sections 1 – 3): Personal details and immigration status

Section 1: Personal Details

The first section of your ILR application form is also the most important one. You should complete it with all your personal details, including your passport number. You need to provide two identical photographs of yourself with your full name on the back of each one. If there are dependents involved, you should include their photographs as well. If your pictures are damaged or marked by staples or paper clips, your application can be refused.

Section 2: Dependants’ details

Section 2 is entirely dedicated to dependants who wish to stay in the UK and be included in your ILR application. Along with their personal details, you need to include proof of their relationship with you, such as certificates of birth or marriage.

The SET O form allows you to include only your partner and your children. “Partner” means spouse or unmarried partner, including same-sex relationships. If your children are over the age of 18, they must apply separately. The same applies to other adult dependants.

If you do not have any dependents, you can leave this section blank.

Section 3: Visa Category

In Section 3, you need to state your current immigration status.

Tier 1 migrants also need to complete the points scoring assessment in Section 9. If you are on the 10-year route and you do not fit in any of the categories listed in the SET O form, you can still apply for the ILR.

At the end of Section 3, you will find a blank space where you can explain why you are applying.

SET O Form (Sections 4 – 7): ILR Requirements

Section 4: English Knowledge and Life in the UK Test

You must meet the knowledge of language and life in the UK requirements as a part of your ILR application. English language and culture tests are mandatory only for applicants aged 18-64.

However, you are not required to complete this section if you a Tier 1 or highly skilled migrant. If you hold a degree taught in English or are nationals of a majority English speaking country, you are exempt from the language test as well.

Section 5: Accommodation and finances

You must fill in this section with details of your home and finances. You need to state if you own or rent your home and disclose the source and the amount of your income. If you or your partner are receiving public funds or money from a relative or friend, they must be included as well.

To support your application, you can include bank statements, wage payslips, and letters from the HMRC. If you are not able to provide evidence of appropriate accommodation or a minimum threshold, there is space to explain your situation.

Section 6: Immigration History

This is where you must include information about your first entry in the UK and your history as an immigrant. Do not forget to provide details of any time spent outside the UK. It is essential to include letters detailing reasons for every absence, either for work or personal rationale.

Section 7: Personal History

This section is for any declarations of criminal convictions, civil judgments, or civil penalties. If you do not complete this part, your application will automatically be rejected.

Please, note that it is an offence under section 26(1)(c) of the Immigration Act 1971 to make a false statement or representation. The UKVI will check your information with other relevant agencies. For this reason, you may need to include police registration certificates to support your status.

If you are applying for your dependents, they will also be required to prove their “good character”.

In the last part of this section, you are asked to highlight your cultural and family ties with your home country. You should also state if you already hold more than one nationality.

SET O Form (Sections 8 – 14): Additional information

Section 8: Photographs

It is mandatory to provide relevant photographs of you and your dependents. If you do not include them, or if they do not follow the UKVI guidelines, your application will be invalid. Your photographs must be enclosed in a small sealed envelope, with your full name written on their back.

In this section, you also have space to explain any other information concerning your status that you wish the UKVI to consider. If necessary, you should provide relevant document relating to any queries or issues you raise.

Section 9: Tier 1 Points Scoring Assessment

This section is addressed only at Tier 1 applicants. Qualifying points are accrued based on the time spent in the UK and your total earning. You can also claim points from higher education or professional qualifications. Additional points and requirements are based on your age and your business status (if you are a Tier 1 Entrepreneur migrant).

Section 10: Biometric Residence Permit

If you do not hold a Biometric Residence Permit number, you still need to fill in this section with information about your current visa status.

Section 11: Documents

Along with your valid passport, you must attach adequate documentation to support your ILR application. You must not forget to include your dependents’ details on your SET O application form, as well as their relevant documents.

It is important to note that applicants from different visa categories may need to submit distinct documents.

All applicants must include a letter explaining in more details their immigration rationale and a copy of any existing visas.

Sections 12 and 13: Consent and Declaration

To complete your ILR application form, you must consent for the Home Office to check whether the information you provided is correct. This means that your supporting documents must be unaltered originals and your personal data accurate.

The final declaration must be signed by you as the principal applicant. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian may sign your form.

Final Checklist

The SET O form includes several sections and requires different documents. This part can help you check that every part is completed correctly. This will also make the UKVI know exactly what kind of supporting documentation you are submitting.

How to submit your ILR Application using the SET O Form

You can apply for your ILR by post or in person at a premium service centre. However, this service is not available for Tier 1 applicants.

The SET O can be filled in by the following categories:

  • Tier 1 Visa holders;
  • Tier 2 Visa holders;
  • PBS Dependants;
  • UK Ancestry Visa holders;
  • Overseas business representatives;
  • Retired persons who are lawfully in the UK and are financially independent;
  • Bereaved partners of a British citizen or permanent resident;
  • Long Residence (10-years) route applicants.

It is worth noting that ILR applications are time sensitive. This means you must submit your SET O Form no more than 28 days before your current immigration status expires.

SET O Form application form checklist

Given the amount of information and supporting documents required, completing your SET O Form may be complicated. Getting any part of it wrong can result in delays, and your application can also be rejected or not processed.

Before you submit your Indefinite Leave to Remain application form, you should check the following:

  • You must use only black ink to fill in your forms;
  • You must sign all the relevant parts of your application and your attached photographs;
  • You must use the most up to date version of the form, that you can find on the UKVI website;
  • You need to supply your supporting documents in their original forms;
  • Always provide accurate and truthful information.

How IAS can help

Completing your application form for Indefinite Leave to Remain is a time-consuming process. For this reason, it is recommended to seek legal guidance. At IAS, our immigration lawyers are happy to help you submit your SET O Form to the highest standard. We will also double check your documents and make sure that you meet all the ILR requirements.

Contact our LondonManchester, or Birmingham immigration lawyers, or use the office finder to find your nearest branch. Call us on 0333 363 8577 to arrange the first meeting with one of our immigration advisers.

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