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Immigration Lawyers in Ashford

Our team of highly experienced immigration lawyers are readily available in Ashford to help you with any immigration needs.

Call us on 0333 305 9375 for prompt help & assistance with your immigration situation in Ashford. We are here to help you in person, via the phone or online.

Can you offer me assistance with my Spouse Visa Application?

Our immigration lawyers in Ashford can offer you all the assistance you need with your Spouse Visa. The Immigration Advice Service is an immigration law firm that has several offices in the UK and deals in all areas of immigration law, and we are vastly experienced in processing Spouse Visa applications in Ashford.

The Spouse Visa is the ideal UK visa of all for non-EEA nationals who are married to UK citizens/persons with settled status.

The standard requirements for a Spouse Visa are as follows:

  • You and your partner must be over the age of 18
  • You must have met your partner in person and be legally married to them
  • You must intend to live together in the UK
  • As a couple, you must have enough to financially support yourselves in the UK
  • You must satisfy certain English language requirements
  • You must have suitable accommodation for you, your partner and any dependent children

It is notoriously difficult to satisfy the requirements for the Spouse Visa. However, here at the Immigration Advice Service, we can help you to prepare a Spouse Visa application to the very highest of standards.

Our immigration lawyers in Ashford bring unrivalled expertise and experience to the table. This maximises your chances of receiving the positive outcome you are looking for with your visa application. They will help you to establish the documents you need to form your portfolio of evidence and will complete the application for you in line with the required Home Office administrative standards.

For more information on our Spouse Visa application package, please call us now on 0333 305 9375.

Do Immigration Solicitors in Ashford Offer Advice Sessions?

There is no limit to the services which our OISC certified immigration solicitors in Ashford offer. Our immigration lawyers in Ashford and other cities in the UK offer a lot of different services in all areas of the UK immigration system.

One of the standout services we offer is an advice package. This is the perfect option if you are looking for some expert immigration advice on any immigration issue.

With our advice package, you will have an informative one-on-one session with one of our immigration law specialists, during which you can explain the full details of your case. Your immigration lawyer in Ashford will analyse your case and provide you with complete advice on the best course of action to take to achieve a successful visa application.

After the first consultation, you will have seven days to ask any follow-up questions free of charge.

The IAS also offer an industry-leading application package, which you can choose to take advantage of following your advice session. If you opt for the application package, an immigration lawyer in Ashford will manage the entire application process, working with you to formulate a thorough immigration application on your behalf.

For more advice on the services we offer, please call us on 0333 305 9375.

Are your immigration lawyers in Ashford well qualified?

If you wish to engage the services of an immigration lawyer in Ashford, you must ensure that they are well qualified to offer necessary immigration advice.

Any individual or group offering professional immigration advice services must be accredited by OISC, which is the official accrediting body of the immigration advice industry in the UK. It is illegal for anyone or group to provide legal immigration advice without this accreditation.

At IAS, our immigration lawyers in Ashford are OISC-accredited and are some of the most experienced immigration lawyers in the UK. You are in safe hands with the Immigration Advice Service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Immigration Advice Service is an immigration law firm dealing in all areas of immigration law, including within the area of work visas.

This includes Tier 2 (General) work visasSenior or Specialist Worker Visas, as well as Tier 1 and Tier 5 work visas. We also offer professional assistance to businesses who wish to employ foreign workers.

Call our immigration lawyers in Ashford now on 0333 305 9375 to find out how we can help you secure a work visa.

To be eligible for British citizenship, you must have lawfully lived in the UK for a certain period of time. In most cases, you must have lived in the UK for at least six years, including one year under Indefinite Leave to Remain status.

Under certain conditions, you might be eligible to apply for British citizenship sooner, such as if you have been living in the UK under the Tier 1 Investor Visa.

For more information on British Citizenship application, please call us now on 0333 305 9375.

Many immigration solicitors in Ashford offer services in certain areas of immigration law.

Here at the IAS, we are different. We offer full support to asylum seekers, including translation services, thorough document checks and assistance with asylum applications.

To find out about the support and assistance we offer to asylum seekers, please contact us now on 0333 305 9375.

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