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Immigration Advice Service is an organisation of leading UK immigration specialists. With over 5,000 applications approved, our OISC certified lawyers are capable of handling any immigration queries you may have in Hucknall.

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Can I Extend the Student Visa?

Student Visa extensions are possible for students in certain circumstances. Currently, it’s also possible for the old Student Visa to be extended too.

In order to extend the visa, the following must apply:

  • Must be in the UK on a Student Visa or Tier 4 (General) Student Visa
  • Must have an unconditional offer on a course with a licenced student sponsor
  • Must be able to provide a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies
  • Must be able to show that the course is at a higher academic level than your current course

To find out more about Student Visa extensions and the application process, please call us now on 0333 305 3612.

Am I/is my child eligible for a Tier 4 (Child) Study Visa

This visa will need to be applied for from the child’s country of residence.

The applicant must show that they have been accepted onto a course at an independent, fee-paying school. They must also have written consent from their parent or legal guardian.

Proof of appropriate living funds, which cover the child’s study period in the UK must be provided. In addition, identification documents and a lengthy application form must also be submitted.

How can IAS help with my family visit visa application?

Our team of highly-qualified lawyers can assist you with your application for a Family Visit Visa. One of our lawyers in Hucknall will work with you to assess your eligibility and complete your Family Visit Visa application to the highest standard.

Your lawyer in Hucknall will also perform a full document check and prepare a Letter of Representation to support your application. This letter will detail your case and its merits and reference any relevant UK immigration laws in support of your application. Contact us using our online enquiry form or by calling 0333 363 8577 to arrange your first meeting with an immigration lawyer today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven’t been given the opportunity to appeal, all is not lost – there may still be options available to you.

Our lawyers in Hucknall will critically look into your case in detail and advise on options available to you. This may include an Administrative Review, a fresh application or other unconventional methods.

Contact us immediately if you have any concerns or would like advice on how to proceed.

If you have your Asylum application refused and you are not recognised or granted protection as a refugee in the UK, you may have a right of appeal or judicial review to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal.

At the end of any appeals process, you will be expected to voluntarily return to your country of origin otherwise you risk the order for enforced removal. This may involve your arrest and detention in a secure centre, also known as an Immigration Removal Centre until you are required to leave. The asylum lawyers at IAS can provide emergency advice wherever you are being detained.

If your appeal rights have been exhausted but you have new evidence about your case or there has been a change of circumstance in your home country then you may be able to make further submissions to the UK Home Office seeking a fresh asylum claim.

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