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Immigration Lawyers in Lower Morden

If you live in Lower Morden, Merton, Greater London and you require immigration advice, our team of solicitors in Lower Morden can assist you.

Whether you need full application assistance or a professional to check over your supporting documents, the Immigration Advice Service (IAS) is here to help.

Speak to our client care team today on 0333 305 9593 to hear more about our services.

Why should I hire an immigration lawyer to help with my UK visa application?

If you live in London or you are planning to migrate to the capital of the UK, it is highly advised you seek expert immigration advice if you are planning on applying for a UK visa or immigration status.

UKVI process each UK visa and application made. With the introduction of the points-based immigration system, immigration officers comb through each application with scrutiny. Even the most innocuous mistake is likely to see your application rejected – and a refusal letter normally does not come with a refund.

In addition, it is notoriously difficult to navigate through the immigration rules without professional assistance. However, it is not a legal requirement to hire a solicitor but it is recommended.

Why are the UK immigration rules complicated? 

The immigration rules and requirements vary from visa to visa and status to status.

For instance, a Visitor Visa generally only needs to identify you with your passport and evidence that you will be departing from the UK at the end of your trip. However, applications where people who originate from overseas and who wish to remain in the UK for longer than 6 months will be required to supply much more evidence and documentation. For example, the UK Spouse Visa requires applicants to submit evidence of their ‘genuine relationship’ with a UK settled person, evidence of their salary and/or savings and proof of their accommodation amongst other requirements.

Each application also varies in price and waiting times. You might receive a verdict on your Student Visa application within a matter of weeks, but for others, it might take a couple of months.

Hence we believe that it is crucial applicants seek advice from an OISC-certified immigration lawyer to maximise their chances of success and minimise the risk of a rejection letter.

I don’t live in Lower Morden. Can I speak to an IAS immigration lawyer remotely?

If you do not reside in the London Borough of Merton and cannot make it to our office in Lower Morden, the IAS has plenty of remote services to suit your circumstances.

We assist people every day from all over the world. You do not need to physically attend our office and meet your lawyer face-to-face if you do not want to or it is not feasible. We have multi-way video call services as well as telephone advice services.

However, if you do wish to meet your lawyer in person, we have offices located all across the UK and London. Contact our client care team to locate your nearest office and arrange an appointment which suits you on 0333 305 9593.

Did you know that our immigration lawyers in Lower Morden offer Sponsorship Licence advice and Work Visa advice?

Our services are not limited to family and student visa applications: our immigration lawyers are well-versed in all areas of immigration law, including corporate and business immigration law. Whether you are an employer looking to hire foreign talent and help in securing a Sponsor Licence, or you are a prospective employee wishing to relocate to the UK via a company transfer or for a new career change, we can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need a Skilled Worker Visa, formally known as the Tier 2 Work Visa, you will need to gain 70 points to be eligible.

You can score these points by meeting the following criteria:

  • You must be over 16 years old
  • You need to have ‘maintenance funds’
  • You must have a job offer from a UK-based employer
  • Your job offer must detail a salary that is of the minimum expectation as per your job code
  • You must have a certificate that demonstrates your English language ability

Ring our client care team on 0333 305 9593 to hear how our immigration lawyers can help you meet the Skilled Worker Visa requirements.

Yes, all our immigration lawyers are practising solicitors and registered OISC caseworkers.

This means that we can help you whether you are looking for Indefinite Leave to Remain or full British Citizenship and permanent residency rights to the UK.

However, there are different routes through which you can secure British Citizenship. For example, you might be able to Naturalise as a British Citizen if you have resided in the UK for a certain amount of time (usually ten years). However, you may be able to apply for UK citizenship if you are married to a British Citizen.

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