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Immigration Lawyers in Seven Sisters

Do you need an OISC-accredited immigration lawyer in Seven Sisters?

At the Immigration Advice Service, our team of experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist with any immigration matter.

We offer immigration advice, application assistance, help with appeals, and much more.

Contact us today on 0330 433 1213 to find out more.

Do I need an immigration lawyer in Seven Sisters to apply for a Spouse Visa?

It is not essential to hire the legal services of an expert immigration lawyer when applying for any UK visa, however it is often highly advisable.

If you are preparing to apply for a UK Spouse Visa and wondering whether you ought to recruit a qualified immigration lawyer, this may be worth considering in depth before proceeding alone.

At the Immigration Advice Service, we have decades’ of experience in completing and submitting Spouse Visa applications and are aware of how challenging it can be to meet the Home Office’s rigorous requirements.

Spouse Visas in the UK are notorious for being frequently refused, meaning it is often beneficial to have the professional guidance of an experienced immigration solicitor throughout this process.

Our immigration lawyers in Seven Sisters can assess your eligibility for a Spouse Visa, ensuring you meet the necessary criteria before preparing your application for submission. If you choose our Application Package, we can complete the Spouse Visa application on your behalf, making sure you provide the sufficient level of supporting evidence.

To enquire further about receiving either immigration advice or application guidance from our fantastic team of immigration specialists, call 0330 433 1213.

What are the requirements for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence and can your Seven Sisters immigration lawyers help me with this?

Not only do we provide invaluable assistance to individuals and families, we similarly support UK employers and businesses with their immigration queries.

We have helped thousands of businesses across the country to expand by hiring skilled non-British nationals to fill vital roles. To hire from outside of the UK, you must firstly acquire a Sponsor Licence.

When applying for a Sponsor Licence, you must prove to the Home Office that your business is legitimate and illustrate why you are looking to recruit from outside of the UK.

Our OISC-accredited immigration lawyers in Seven Sisters can guide you through the process of applying for a Sponsor Licence, forming an impressive application complete with all the relevant supporting documentation.

Some key requirements of a Sponsor Licence include:

  • You must provide sufficient evidence that the employment of a foreign worker is essential
  • You must pass the Residence Labour Market Test
  • You must not have any unspent criminal convictions
  • You must not have a history of failing sponsorship duties

Our immigration solicitors in Seven Sisters can also assist with Sponsor Licence renewals.

For more information, call us today on 0330 433 1213.

Did you know our immigration solicitors in Seven Sisters offer expert advice on Indefinite Leave to Remain?

If you are looking to remain in the UK permanently and have lived here for the qualifying period of time, you may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. Our immigration lawyers in Seven Sisters can help you with your ILR application and help you to achieve a successful result.

As well as Seven Sisters, we also have lawyers located across the UK in areas including London and Manchester.

Contact IAS on 0330 433 1213.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is not necessary for you to visit one of our offices in person in order to provide you with exceptional immigration advice and guidance.

Our clients are based across the globe. We recognise that it would be unrealistic to expect all of our clients to be able to meet us in person, as much as we would love to.

You can rest assured that, if you are in need of tailored immigration advice and assistance, our UK immigration lawyers can provide the same great service over the phone and in person.

To book a remote consultation, call us on 0330 433 1213.

If you have begun your asylum claim in the UK and require immediate assistance, our immigration lawyers in Seven Sisters would be pleased to help you.

We know that this can be an extremely challenging and difficult time for all involved and seek to make this process as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

We can provide compassionate legal support to you no matter where in the UK you are based.

Call us now on 0330 433 1213 to find out more.

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