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Immigration Lawyers in Willesden

I want to join my partner in the UK, can your lawyers in Willesden help me?

Of course, it’s always difficult being away from a loved one, that’s why our lawyers in Willesden will work hard to get you reunited with your partner in the UK. If you would like to begin a life in the UK with your partner there are several UK visa options that may be available for you, these include:

  • The Spouse Visa – for someone who is married to a UK citizen or settled person. This visa is valid for 30 months, can be extended and is also a route to Indefinite Leave to Remain if you wish to make the UK your permanent home.
  • The Unmarried Partner Visa – this is similar to the Spouse Visa but is for someone in a long term and serious relationship with a UK citizen or settled person. This visa required you to prove that the relationship is genuine and subsisting. It is also valid for 30 months and can be extended.
  • The Fiance Visa – this is for someone who intends to marry their British partner whilst in the UK. It is valid for 6 months and cannot usually be extended. Once you have married your partner you can apply for a Spouse Visa if you would like to remain in the UK.

Applying for one of the UK partner visas can be difficult, the application is complex and you will need a significant amount of evidence to prove your relationship with your partner. Our lawyers in Willesden are experienced in successfully supporting many partner visa application and can guide you through the process.

They can assist you with your application form, help you to gather a substantial portfolio of evidence and will even write a Letter of Representation to support your application.

For more information about applying for a partner visa, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0333 305 9375.

What are the Spouse Visa requirements?

As well as being married to a British citizen or someone with settled status in the UK, there are several other requirements that Spouse Visa applicants must meet. These include:

  • Passing the genuine relationship test
  • Meeting the financial requirements
  • Demonstrating your knowledge of the English language
  • Proving that you will have suitable accommodation whilst in the UK

Depending on the country that you are coming from, you may also need to provide your Tuberculosis test results.

Did you know our lawyers in Willesden also offer support for other types of family visa applications?

As well as partner visas, our lawyers can support you with applications for all of the other types of UK Family Visas, these include the:

Each of these visas has their own set of requirements and are suitable for different applicants. If you want to join your family in the UK, but are unsure of which visa to apply for, then our lawyer in Willesden can assess your eligibility for the family visas and advise you as to which would be the best option for you.

They can explain the requirements to you and help you to meet them. Our lawyers will also be there to answer any questions that you may have about the application process. If you need support in an area other than Willesden, you can contact our LondonManchester, or Birmingham immigration lawyers, or alternatively, you can check our office finder for your closest branch. We look forward to speaking with you.

To start your Family Visa application today, get in touch on 0333 305 9375.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It currently costs £1,523 to apply for a Spouse Visa if you are applying from outside of the UK.

If you are switching from another visa and applying whilst you are in the UK then the application fee is £1,033.

As well as the application fee, you should also consider other costs that you may incur when applying, such as the cost of the English language test and the cost to have your biometric information taken.

Non-EEA citizens may need a visa to visit the UK. Whether you need a visa depends on the country you are from. Citizens of some countries, such as the US, are classed as “non-visa citizens” and will not need a visa to visit the UK providing they are not staying for more than 6 months.

If you do need a visa then you will need to apply for the UK Visitor Visa which is valid for up to 6 months and cannot be extended.

To find out whether you need a visitor visa, contact our lawyers today on 0333 305 9375.

Usually you cannot apply to extend your Fiance Visa as it is granted to you under the presumption that you will marry your partner within the 6 months validity period, after which you can apply for a Spouse Visa.

In exceptional circumstances, you may be able to have your visa extended if you have a good reason for not marrying your partner during this time, and the situation was out of your hands.

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