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Immigration Lawyers in Worcester

IAS’ experienced immigration lawyers in Worcester can help you with any immigration-related query.

Call us on 0333 305 9375 for immediate help & assistance with your situation. We provide in-person, telephone and Skype services.

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    What advice services do IAS’ immigration lawyer in Worcester provide?

    The Immigration Advice Service’s Advice Package is tailored around its client. This can be conducted in person, at one of our many UK offices; over the phone; or via Skype. If you are applying with a sponsor, or you are sponsoring someone else (for instance, a partner, employer/employee, or family member) your lawyer will arrange a time and place to suit you both. If you need an immigration lawyer in Worcester this is ideal as it means you don’t necessarily need to travel from home if you prefer.

    It includes:

    • An untimed session with an OISC-accredited immigration lawyer (this usually lasts an hour but your lawyer will spend as long as needed with you to resolve your issue, which means no clock-watching
    • Professional and experienced advice on your options, requirements and next steps
    • A chance to ask questions and go over anything you don’t understand
    • Written confirmation once the session is finished, including your options, document examples, and a summary of the advice given
    • A chance to ask follow-up questions to your immigration solicitor once the session has finished

    What application services can I get from an IAS immigration lawyer in Worcester?

    IAS’ immigration Application Package is an in-depth, all-encompassing package. In practice this means that your lawyer will oversee your entire application if you instruct this, which means they will:

    • Source and collate your documents
    • Devise a solid, long-term plan of action for your application
    • Find and resolve any gaps in supporting evidence or application forms
    • Compile your documents into an application portfolio
    • Write a Letter of Representation to support your application

    Our application services are designed and managed by our team of expert immigration lawyers, in Worcester and the rest of the UK. With decades of combined experience, our lawyers know exactly what the Home Office looking for and can navigate smoothly through an application, knowing how much evidence to include, how to support your applications, and how to draw upon case-law and updated legislation.

    Why choose our Application Package? 

    Our Application Package is an extensive, high-quality service. It covers every area of your application and allows an immigration caseworker to take complete control of your case. This means that you can rest assured that every single aspect of your case will be dealt with professionally, and submitted in good time for your deadline. As part of this package, your lawyer will leave no stone unturned in their completion of your application.

    Do I need to know what visa I need to speak to an IAS immigration lawyer in Worcester?

    No; our immigration specialists in Cambridge can help you no matter what stage you are at in the process. Though some people visit us knowing what application they want to make, and may have already begun the process themselves, we also assist people simply want to know their options. For example, if you want to move to the UK for work but you are wondering which type of Work Visa or permit would suit you, an IAS immigration lawyer will be able to help you decide that. In this scenario, they would go through the options and help you decipher the different types of Work Visas to find out which is best for you.

    Equally, if you have been in the UK for several years and you are wondering whether you would qualify for permanent residence, then an immigration lawyer in Worcester could help you by going through the requirements for ILR or naturalisation as a British citizen with you.

    How do I go about getting in contact with one of IAS’ immigration lawyers in Worcester?

    You can either call us on 0333 305 9375 or get in touch with us via our on-page enquiry form. Once you’ve got in contact with us, you will have a free consultation with one of our client care team, who all have an in-depth knowledge of immigration law and will be able to advise you on what your next steps should be. After this, you can book in for either the Advice Package or Application Package with one of our dedicated immigration lawyers in Worcester or the rest of the UK. If you want to visit them in person rather than have a remote session with them, a member of our team will discuss your closest locations with you.

    As well as the Advice and Application packages, you can also book in for a range of other services. These include:

    Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out more about the different options and arrange a session to suit you.

    We also have offices in central LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Wherever you might be located, the IAS is here for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our immigration lawyers provide a range of Partner Visa services, designed to assist you with every aspect of a Fiance, Spouse, or Unmarried Partner Visa application.

    These include our Spouse Visa Advice Package, and our Spouse Visa Application Package.

    As part of our Advice Package, an immigration lawyer in Worcester, or another part of the UK, will advise you on the following areas:

    • Proving your relationship meets the Home Office’s ‘genuine and subsisting’ requirement
    • How to demonstrate your meet the accommodation requirement for a Spouse or Partner Visa
    • The documents you can use to meet the requirements for the visa
    • Information on how to complete your application form

    Our Application Package is more extensive than our Spouse Visa Advice Package, as it involves an IAS lawyer taking over your entire case. This includes:

    • Assistance with sourcing and organising documents to prove you meet all the requirements for a Partner Visa, including the genuine relationship requirement
    • A detailed cover-letter which explains to the Home Office why your visa should be granted, in legal terms
    • Communication with the Home Office on your behalf

    To begin the process of being reunited with your partner in Britain, call us on 0333 305 9375 and arrange a session with one of our Worcester immigration lawyers.

    Our bespoke visa sponsorship service is available for employers, recruiters, and HR professionals who want to find out about or begin the process of hiring foreign workers for their company.

    Our advice and application packages include several options, which can be modified for each business. IAS’ immigration lawyers in Worcester offer advice on:

    • Applying for a Sponsor Licence
    • Assigning Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS)
    • Managing the Sponsor Management System (SMS)
    • Meeting the Sponsor Licence duties
    • Preparing for a Home Office immigration audit

    You can call us on 0333 305 9375 to arrange a session with an IAS business immigration lawyer in Worcester.

    Our immigration specialists can help you if you want to start a business in Britain. We can also help you if you want to take over an existing business.

    We have several immigration lawyers in Worcester and around the rest of the UK who are highly-skilled in business immigration law. These lawyers have worked with entrepreneurs from across the world and helped them to secure the visa they need to start-up a new company here.

    Our Start-Up Visa and Innovator Visa advice and application packages include:

    • Advice/assistance with your business plan
    • Advice/assistance with your business interview
    • Advice/assistance on the financial requirements of a Tier 1 Visa
    • Advice/assistance acquiring an endorsement from an approved regulatory body (if applicable)
    • Compilation and organisation of all supporting documents
    • A detailed cover-letter
    • Submission of your application
    • Ongoing communication with the Home Office

    To find out more about how our Worcester immigration lawyers can help you become a UK entrepreneur by calling our team on 0333 305 9375.