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    More information on our King’s Cross immigration lawyers

    We are very proud off some of the best immigration lawyers King’s Cross has to offer. Our lawyers are fully qualified, with years of experience under their belt.

    Our legal services cover the full span of immigration, asylum and nationality law. Our team of expert lawyers can assist you with any immigration issue or query and will work tirelessly to find a solution.

    Our lawyers will support you through your issues, whether you are looking for an eligibility assessment, document check or full application guidance. Our immigration lawyers can also provide assistance for those who are in need of appeal help. As part of our services, we can provide full appeal represetation, including physical representation if your case is heard by a tribunal.

    Some examples of applications we can assist with include:

    These areas are by no means exhaustive. Your lawyer will work with you one-on-one to assess you individual/company needs and will assist you accordingly, no matter how complex or unique your case is.

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    Why Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

    Many who attempt to make an application themselves may have their visa denied. A visa can be denied for a variety of reasons: if you are uneligible, if you make a mistake on your form and if you do not supply full evidence which matches the requirements of the visa or application. Once you have your visa denied, you cannot be issued a refund from the Home Office, and the money you spent on making it will be lost.

    With the help of a qualified IAS immigration lawyer, they will first assess your eligibility for the intended immigration route into the UK and they will not begin an application until this has been confirmed. If you meet the requirements for the visa, they will work with you to gather, assess and organise all your supporting evidence. They will advise you on any gaps and help you source relevent matierials to support your specific application. Your lawyer will then organise your application into a portfolio, which is structured in an approved format, making it clearly navigable for immigration officers.

    Using an immigration lawyer builds the best possible foundation for a successful visa, asylum or settlement application.

    What Legal Aid Do Our Immigration Lawyers in King’s Cross Offer?

    Our King’s Cross immigration lawyers are attuned to your needs. As part of our advice, application or appeal services, you will paired with an immigration lawyer who’s expertise and experience suits you. Your lawyer will work with you to decipher your needs, requirements and next steps and will offer detailed, easy-to-follow guidance based on this.

    If you choose to proceed with an application with us, your lawyer will take charge of your application, ensuring it is completed correctly. They will then gather and sort your supporting evidence, filling any gaps and fixing any issues with documentation. Your lawyer will then carefully file your application and supporting documents into an Evidence Portfolio. This is a bundle which allows an immigration officer to easily move through your application when they are reviewing it. It can greatly increase your chances of success, as it will avoid any areas being avoided or lost in translation. Once your portfolio has been collated, your lawyer will write a personal Letter of Representation which will be submitted alongside your portfolio. This letter details your case and its merits as well as referencing any case-law and immigration legislation which benefits and supports your case. This letter is of huge benefit to your application; it pleads your case directly to the Home Office, using legal knowledge to back it up.

    With the help of our immigration lawyers, your application will be put in the best possible position to be accepted.

    Our Immigration lawyers in King’s Cross are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our King’s Cross office is situated in an ideal location, for those traveling to or from London to the King’s Cross train station. Our office is located on Gray’s Inn Road, next to the British Library and The British Museum on Russell Square.

    Our London immigration lawyers are highly-experienced and offer the highest-quality legal assistance locally and nationally. Their knowledge spans from corporate immigration law, to British citizenship claims, to Entrepreneur Visa applications.

    No matter how complicated your enquiry may be, our King’s Cross lawyers will simplify the entire process for you. Your lawyer will support you every step of the way, advising and assisting you with all your needs. Your lawyer will take full responsibility of your application, meaning that your time is freed up to focus on other things: be that work, family, relationships, travel or business. With King’s Cross’ best immigration lawyers, you can rest assured that your application is in good hands.

    UK Immigration Solicitors Reviews

    With some of the best immigration lawyers in King’s Cross, we have five star reviews from people around the world. We are extremely proud to have helped so many individuals and organisations with their immgiration needs, and encourage you to see them for yourself at our immigration advice service reviews page.

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    If you need help with an immigration application, extension or appeal contact our experts today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IAS is the UK’s leading provider of immigration services. You can come and meet our best lawyers in King’s Cross as well as in our other offices in the UK.

    Our team of caseworkers has more than 50 years of experiences in providing immigration advice. We only work with OISC accredited lawyers and experts, who are ready to work one-on-one with you to get the best outcomes from your application process.

    If you are looking to enter the UK to work, study, or settle with your partner, we can find an immigration solution for you.

    If you wish to learn how to become an immigrant adviser, you can attend one of our OICS Training Courses in King’s Cross.

    The training course is open to anybody who wishes to know all the aspects of immigration in the UK. You do not need any formal qualification to undertake OISC training.

    Whatever you are just curious about immigration law or you want to kickstart your career in this sector, our OISC Training Courses can provide an excellent preparation on this field.

    At IAS, we believe in the importance of spending time with our beloved ones. This is why our immigration lawyers in King’s Cross are happy to help our clients with their UK Spouse Visa application.

    If you wish to bring your spouse in the UK with you, we will offer our best legal advice to maximise your chances to get your visa.

    One of our best immigration specialists will guide you through every step of your application process until you obtain your visa and can settle in the UK with your partner.

    To support your case, we will write a Letter of Representation to the Home Office to highlight the merit of your case. We can also advise you on the best documents to submit along with your application forms to prove the authenticity of your relation.

    Call us today on 020 3944 3150 to start your immigration journey.

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