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Portugal Visas From Chile

If you want to move from Chile to Portugal, you may need to meet certain eligibility requirements and may also need to apply for a Portuguese visa.

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Is a Visa Needed For Portugal As a Chilean Citizen?

As a Chilean citizen, what determines if you need a visa to Portugal is the purpose for which you are going to Portugal. If you are going to Portugal for tourism, you do not need to apply for a Portugal visa, also known as the Schengen visa.

Chile and Portugal have an agreement that allows Chileans to visit Portugal and stay for a maximum of 90 days in a space of 180 days without applying for a visitors, Schengen or tourist visa. With this visa, you can visit family members in Portugal, go for medical treatment, sightseeing, business, work and religious meetings.

You can also study a short course in Portugal without a visa, provided the duration of the course is less than 90 days. Chileans can also visit other countries in the Schengen area without applying for a visa.

However, you are not permitted to take any form of paid or unpaid employment during this period.

Beginning in 2025, Chile passport holders within the age bracket of 18 and 70 must apply for the ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System). This document costs €7 and tracks exits and entries from the Schengen region. The ETIAS is valid for 3 years.

If you want to stay in Portugal longer to work, study or do business, you must apply for a relevant Portuguese visa.

Portugal Long Stay Visas And Residencies For Chilean Citizens

As a Chilean, you can apply for long-stay visas if you meet their requirements. Here are some of the visa options available for Chileans:

  • Golden visa
  • D7 visa
  • Study Visa
  • Work visa
  • Working holiday visa
Santiago Metropolitan region, Chile

Our expert team of immigration specialists can help you obtain a visa to Portugal.

Portugal Golden Visa


Chileans are eligible for a golden visa for Portugal. This is Portugal’s visa for investment, which can lead to citizenship or permanent residence. Note that this visa is one of the fastest routes to citizenship.

To be eligible for this visa, you must invest between €200,000 and €500,000 in Portugal for 5 years. Within those 5 years, you must agree to maintain the investment.

After 5 years, you can obtain citizenship or permanent residence or continue your golden visa programme.

One great thing about the golden visa is that you do not need to spend much time in Portugal. You need to stay for 7 consecutive days in a year to meet the requirement. You can also visit other Schengen countries around Portugal.

Here are some of the perks of having a golden visa:

Access to the Schengen Region

With the golden visa, you and your family can enjoy visa-free access to the countries in the Schengen region. You can stay for 90 days.

Study, Work and Live Freely

If you get the golden visa, you and your dependents can live freely in Portugal. You and your family can study even while your investment is running.

Family Reunification

The golden visa is one of those visas that allow family reunification. If you did not move to Portugal with your family, they can join you later. Not all family members can travel with or join you in Portugal if you have a golden visa.

Below are the family members that are eligible for family reunification:

  • Your spouse or partner.
  • Your children who are below 18.
  • Your children who are below 25 but are dependent on you and have an offer to study in a Portuguese school.
  • Your siblings who are less than 18. You also have to be their legal guardian.
  • Your spouse’s siblings if they are less than 18. You or your spouse must have been their legal guardians.
  • Your parents, if they are 65 and above, are dependent on you.
  • Your partner’s parents, if they are 65 and above, depend on you or your spouse.

Pathway to Citizenship

Chileans can acquire Portuguese citizenship after holding the golden visa for 5 years. This route is the fastest way to naturalise in Portugal. If you become a citizen in Portugal, you can vote and be voted for during elections. You can also access standard healthcare, social security and other public benefits.

Upon a successful naturalisation, you can apply for a Portuguese passport. This passport gives you visa-free entry to over 180 countries.
It is also easier for your family members to acquire Portuguese citizenship after you do.

Exemption from Taxes

Portugal golden visa holders have a special tax arrangement in Portugal. You can choose to be a non-tax resident in Portugal. This means you don’t spend up to 183 days in the country in 1 year.

As a result, your income from abroad will not be taxed. However, your income from your investment in Portugal will be taxed. And while other residents are taxed at a 48% rate, you are taxed at 20%. This arrangement is valid for 10 years.

Minimum Stay Requirement

If you have a golden visa, you only need to stay for 7 straight days in a year to meet the minimum stay requirement. This enables you to run other businesses or do other things you need to do in other countries.

Unrestricted Access to Portuguese Borders

There are no entry restrictions for Portuguese golden visa holders. There is no cap on the number of times you can access the border. You can enter and live in the country at any time.

Chilean flag

Eligibility Criteria

There are specific Portugal visa requirements that you must meet to get a positive response from the Embassy when you apply.

Below are the criteria:


Chileans who want to apply for a golden visa must be at least 18.


As a Chilean, you are a non-EU citizen and eligible to apply for a golden visa.

Criminal History Certificate

One Portugal national visa requirement that you have to meet is the submission of a criminal history certificate. You can get this document from the Chilean Police, attesting that you have not been convicted of any criminal offence.

You must also get this certificate from the Police of any country where you have spent at least 6 months in the past 5 years. Note that the certificate must not have been obtained earlier than 3 months from the date you submitted your application.

Investment Fund from Abroad

You cannot apply for a golden visa with funds borrowed in Portugal. The money you will use for investment must have been one you have earned outside of Portugal.

Medical Insurance Policy

The Portugal visa process requires you to get a medical insurance policy. This policy must be valid throughout the EU and worth at least €30000.

NIF Number

The NIF number is the tax identification number. Without this number, you cannot open a bank account in Portugal. You also need it to do financial transactions and pay taxes to the government. This number is obtained from tax offices in Portugal.

Portuguese Bank Account

You must have a Portuguese bank account when applying for a golden visa. This requirement is only waived if you have an account with a bank in Chile that has a branch in Portugal.

If you are applying from Chile, we can help you get the NIF number and also open a bank account on your behalf. Please message us online or call +44 (0)333 305 9375.

Proof of Funds

You must show the Embassy that you have enough money to fend for yourself and your family members in Portugal.

Investment in Portugal

Before you send in your golden visa application, you must have made an eligible investment in Portugal. You will have to pay between €200000 to €500000 for this.

Maintaining Your Investment

You will sign an affidavit to maintain your investment in Portugal for at least 5 years.

What are the Eligible Investment Options?

For your Portugal visa application to be approved, you must make an eligible investment. Below are the eligible investments you can choose from:

Funding a Scientific or Tech Project

You can pick a science or tech project on Portuguese soil and fund it. Public or private establishments could conduct the research. You must sponsor the research with at least €400,000 if the study is in a low-density area. You’ll need at least €500,000 to fund research in a high-density area.

Donations to Arts and Culture

You can invest your money in arts and culture. You do this by refurbishing monuments and artefacts that the Portugues hold in high regard. You can also fund a project to protect a historical site or object.

If you are funding an artistic project in a rural area, it will cost you at least €200,000. If it is in an urban area, it will cost you €250,000.

Set Up a Company

Another eligible investment is the business set-up. You can start up a new business or company in Portugal. The company must be able to provide at least 10 permanent jobs if you are setting it up in an urban area. If your company is in a rural area, then it must provide at least 8 permanent jobs.

Investing in a Business

Many people would not want to go through the stress of incorporating a business. If you are in this category, you can fund an existing business instead. You can buy the shares in the company with a minimum of €500,000. Upon receipt of the sum, the business must commit to providing at least 5 jobs that will be available for at least 3 years.

Fund Subscription

The Venture Capital Fund Investment option is also available. You can fund a business in the national territory. But you must ensure your investment is not used to invest in real estate.

There is also an option of combining resources with others to get a golden visa. For instance, if the cost of research is €1,000,000 in a high-density area, you and your friend or family member can contribute €500,000 each to the researchers. Thus meeting the financial requirement for that investment.

Required Documents

If you want to apply for a golden visa in Portugal, you have to show the Embassy the documents below:

  • Valid Chilean passport
  • Recent digital passport photograph
  • Medical Insurance policy certificate worth at least €30,000
  • NIF number, which shows you intend to pay taxes in Portugal
  • Golden visa application form
  • Signed affidavit that shows you consent to maintaining your investment for at least 5 years
  • Criminal record certificate from the Chilean Police and every nation you have spent at least 3 months in the past 5 years
  • Signed consent form that shows you give the SEF permission to look into your history
  • Proof you have made an eligible investment
  • Receipt of the visa application fee payment
  • Marriage certificate if you want to move with your partner or spouse
  • Birth certificate if you are moving with your kids
  • Adoption certificate if you have a ward

Portugal Visa Fees

  • €533 for the visa processing fee. This fee is also payable upon every visa renewal.
  • €83 for your dependents. This fee is also payable upon every visa renewal.
  • €5325 as the visa application fee.
  • €2663 for the visa renewal for your family members.

Do note that you will pay more fees when applying for a visa. The list above does not account for the legal fees you’ll pay to lawyers preparing your investment papers. You must also pay for documents like the criminal history certificate and insurance policy.

Processing Time

It may take up to 2 years to get final approval on your golden visa application.

Get in touch with us to find out which Portugal visa is best suited to you.

D7 Visa Portugal


Chileans can work remotely while living in Portugal if they apply for a D7 visa. This visa, also known as the digital nomad visa, is for the passive income earners, the self-employed and the freelancers.

A significant requirement of this visa is that your pay must come from outside Portugal. And in Portugal, you are not permitted to take any form of employment, even if it is also a remote job. It does not also matter if the employment is paid or unpaid.

The D7 visa is of 2 types: the temporary stay and the residency visa.

If you apply for a temporary stay, you get to stay in Portugal for 1 year, possibly extending it to 2 more years. You get multiple entries into Portugal and visa-free access to the Schengen zone.

However, You cannot go to Portugal with your family on this visa; it is not also a route to permanent residency or citizenship.
On the other hand, the residency visa allows you to come to Portugal with your family. The time spent on this visa also counts towards permanent residence or citizenship. When you apply for this visa, you get to stay in Portugal for 2 years. You can renew for an extra 3.

While you can visit the Schengen zone on this visa, you only have double entry into Portugal.

If you apply for a D7 visa, you first get an entry visa valid for 120 days. You must schedule an appointment with the SEF and obtain your residence permit.


  • €75 when applying for a temporary stay visa.
  • €90 when applying for a residence visa.
  • €320 for the residence permit.

Eligibility Requirement

Below are the documents you have to present to the Embassy to prove your eligibility:

  • Valid Chilean passport. This must be a passport issued within the last 10 years and would remain valid for 3 months after the expiration of your visa. There must also be 2 empty pages where your visa will be attached.
  • Recent digital passport taken no earlier than 90 days from the day you submitted your application.
  • NIF (tax identification ) number.
  • Birth certificate proving you are at least 18.
  • Criminal history certificate from the Chilean Police.
  • Medical insurance policy certificate worth at least €30,000 and acceptable throughout the EU.
  • Birth and marriage certificates if you are moving with your family.
  • Bank statement that shows you have earned a minimum monthly salary of €3,040 for the past 1 year or have savings of €8,460 if you are a passive income earner.
  • Portuguese bank account. This requirement is waived if your bank in Chile has a branch in Portugal.
  • Cover letter outlining your reasons for moving to Portugal and the duration of your trip.
  • Duly signed visa application form.

Processing Time

The Portuguese Embassy takes 90 to 180 days to respond to your application.

After your appointment with them, it takes the SEF 14 days to issue your residence permit.

Note that there could be delays due to the workload of the Embassy.

Study Visa


If you are a Chilean citizen, you do not need to apply for a study visa if your study will take less than 90 days to be completed. However, if the study takes longer than 90 days, you must apply for a long-term study visa.

The validity of the long-term visa is 1 year. But you can keep extending it until you have finished your course.

With the study visa, you can come to Portugal with your family. However, family in this case is your spouse and children.

The years you spend studying don’t count towards citizenship or permanent residence.


  • €90 for visa application.
  • €83 for residence permit application.
  • €72 for residence permit issuance.

Processing Time

The Embassy may take 4 to 12 weeks to respond to your application.

Eligibility Requirement

To apply for a study visa, you have to show the Embassy the following documents to prove your eligibility:

  • Admission letter from a Portuguese institution.
  • Proof that you have paid the stipulated tuition fee. If you have funding, sponsorship or scholarship, you must submit the evidence to meet this requirement.
  • Proof you have enough funds to take care of yourself in Portugal. The Embassy does not specify the amount of money you need to show. But it is advised that you have €45 to €75 to spend daily for at least 1 year. If you have an invitation or sponsorship letter, they can come in here.
  • Proof you have a place to stay in Portugal. The evidence can be a deed of purchase showing you bought a house or a rental agreement between you and a homeowner. You can bring proof that you have a place in the school’s dormitory, a sponsorship or an invitation letter.
  • Valid Chilean passport.
  • Recent passport photograph.
  • Medical insurance policy worth at least €30000.
  • Criminal record certificate from Chile and any country you have spent at least 3 months in the last 5 years.
  • Duly completed and signed visa application form.

For help obtaining a Portuguese work permit, reach out to us today.

Work Visa


You can work in Portugal if you have an employment contract from a Portuguese employer.

If you apply for a visa, the Embassy issues you a permit valid for 1 year. This permit can be extended for as long as you are in the service of your employer.

You can get permanent residence or citizenship if you spend 5 years on a work visa.
Before you send in your application, your to-be employer in Portugal must have gotten approval from the Ministry of Labour to employ you.

If your visa is approved, you get a 4-month entry permit. You must change this to a residence permit within 4 months.

The work visa allows for family reunification. Your dependents can study, work or do business in Portugal.
The downside of this visa is that it ties you to a particular employer and location. If you want another job or location, your new prospective employer must seek permission from the Ministry of Labour.

If you are found working for an employer that did not sponsor you and in another location different from what is on your work visa, you will be removed.
Chileans can also come to Portugal on a Portugal job seeker visa. With this visa, you can look for jobs in Portugal for 120 days. If you do not get one within the stipulated time, you must return to Chile.

Eligibility Requirements

Submit the following documents to prove your eligibility:

  • Work contract from an employer in Portugal. This contract must specify your pay, job terms, location and duration.
  • Digital passport photographs.
  • Valid Chilean passport or travel document.
  • Medical insurance policy certificate with a minimum value of €30,000.
  • Proof you have somewhere to stay in Portugal.
  • Bank statement showing you have means of subsistence.
  • Marriage and birth certificate if you are moving with your family.
  • Criminal history certificate from the Chilean Police.
  • Signed consent form permitting the SEF to check your criminal history.
  • Signed visa application form.


  • You’ll pay €90 as the application fee.
  • You’ll pay €83 for a residence permit.
  • You’ll pay €72 for the issuance of the residence permit

Processing Time

It can take 60 days for the Ministry of Labour to respond to your employer’s application.
The Portuguese Embassy takes up to 90 days to respond to work visa applications.
It takes the SEF 14 days to issue you a residence permit.

Working Holiday Portugal


Chile and Portugal signed an agreement that lets Chileans dwell in Portugal for a maximum of 12 months under the Youth Mobility Scheme.

The visa’s validity is 4 months. However, it can be extended to 12 months maximum. The visa cannot be renewed.
Chileans on this visa can work for up to 6 months. The work must not be a permanent contract. You can also study, but the study must be one that can be completed in 4 months. It must also be a professional development course.

This visa does not also count toward residency. It does not also permit family reunification.


It costs €65 to apply for the visa.

Eligibility Requirements

Below are the criteria for getting a working holiday visa:

  • You must have a valid Chilean passport with at least 2 empty pages, which would remain valid 3 months after the visa expires
  • You must be between 18 and 30 years of age
  • You must have enough money to cover all your expenses
  • You must have purchased return tickets
  • You must have medical insurance valid throughout the EU and worth at least €30,000
  • You must have a criminal record certificate from the Chilean Police
  • You must have a place to stay in Portugal
  • You must have proof that you have paid the visa fees.

Processing Time

The Embassy takes up to 45 days to respond to your application.

For help obtaining a Portuguese residency permit, reach out to us today.

Portugal Residency Routes & Requirements

Chileans can get Portuguese resident permits to work, do business or study in Portugal. After holding these resident permits (except study resident permit) for 5 years, they can make applications for a permanent resident permit.

The SEF manages all permanent residence applications via their website.

Below are the requirements for your application:

  • Evidence you have an appointment with the SEF
  • Proof you have temporary resident permits
  • Valid Chilean passport
  • Digital passport photographs
  • Proof of paying the application fee of €15
  • Birth and marriage certificates if you want to stay permanently with your family

Portugal Citizenship Routes & Requirements

Chileans can acquire Portuguese citizenship by naturalisation, marriage or investment.
Before you apply for citizenship, you must have been a temporary resident for at least 5 years or a permanent resident for 1 year.

The Ministry of Justice manages all citizenship applications.

You can apply online with the help of a lawyer, by post or in person.

Below are the requirements for your application:

  • Valid Chilean passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Citizenship request letter
  • Evidence of ties to Portugal like the CIPLE result, acceptance letter into a Portuguese institution or the address of your property in Portugal.
  • Evidence of paying the application fees
  • Digital passport photograph
  • Proof of legal stay
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married
  • Criminal history certificate.

How Can IAS Help?

At IAS, we make it our duty to make your Portugal immigration dreams come to pass. We do this by helping you gather your documents, assess your eligibility for the visa you want to apply for, give you application guidance, and even make the application on your behalf. You can consult our team for further assistance with applying for your visa.

Again, if you get a visa rejection, we have competent lawyers who can stand in for you should you want to appeal the decision. Contact us to help make that Portugal immigration dreams come true. If you need more information about our services, contact us at +44 (0)333 305 9375 or message us online today.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Countries in the Schengen and EU area do not require a visa to enter Portugal. Citizens from these countries only need to register their presence with the local authorities if they stay long-term.

You must first print out and complete the visa application form from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for all Portugal visas. Then, you proceed to the Embassy for your visa application on your scheduled date. The Embassy is located at Av. Nueva Tajamar 555, Torre Costanera, Piso 16, 7550099 Las Condes, Chile.

Chileans do not need a visa to visit the EU area. If you hold a Chilean passport, you have visa-free access to the EU for a maximum of 90 days.

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