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Portugal Visas From Brazil

Understanding the range of Portugal visa options for Brazilians is straightforward, with the right information. If you are a Brazilian aiming to work, invest, or study, there are clear visa choices for your needs.

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Do Brazilians Need a Visa To Enter Portugal?

Brazilians and Portuguese share a bond that traces back centuries and is rooted in a shared history, culture, and language. This deep connection has facilitated travel arrangements between the two nations. As a testament to this special relationship, Brazilians are granted the privilege of entering Portugal without needing a visa for short stays, specifically up to 90 days. This is ideal for tourists, business travellers, or those on brief personal visits.

However, if a Brazilian wishes to engage themselves further into the Portuguese way of life by extending their vacation or exploring longer-term opportunities, they can extend their stay for an additional 90 days, totalling 180 days.

Yet, it’s essential to note that more than the standard visa-free arrangement will be required for specific intentions, such as pursuing higher education, venturing on a professional journey, or other long-term commitments in Portugal. In such cases, the appropriate long-term visa, specific to the individual’s purpose of stay, becomes necessary.

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Long Stay Portugal Visas From Brazil


The Portuguese immigration system offers a range of visas customised to the diverse needs of Brazilians, whether they’re entrepreneurs, students, professionals, or families looking to reunite. These visas facilitate a longer stay, allowing individuals to immerse themselves in Portuguese, contribute to the economy, and build lasting ties.

  • Golden Visa for Brazilians
  • Tech Visa for Brazilians
  • Startup Visa for Brazilians
  • D7 Visa for Brazilians
  • Study Visa for Brazilians
  • Work Visa for Brazilians

Golden Visa for Brazilians


The Golden Visa program in Portugal is a distinguished pathway for Brazilians seeking to establish deeper roots in Europe. This residency-by-investment opportunity strengthens financial ties, opens the way for cultural integration, and is a potential gateway to Portuguese citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria

Portugal’s appeal in the Golden Visa program lies in its dual investment opportunities:

Capital Transfer: This involves a minimum of €1 million injected into a certified Portuguese bank or a government-approved investment project. Such a significant sum underscores the investor’s commitment to Portugal’s economy.

Entrepreneurial Venture: For those with a keen business sense, creating a minimum of 10 new jobs in Portugal is a viable route. All these positions must be registered with the Portuguese Social Security, ensuring they contribute to the nation’s welfare.

Document Requirements

The application process mandates a series of documents to ensure credibility:

  • Documents showcasing the capital transfer or the establishment of new jobs.
  • Clean slates from Brazil and Portugal are binding to ensure the applicant’s good standing.
  • Comprehensive coverage is a testimony to the applicant’s responsibility during their stay in Portugal.
  • Proof of consistent income ensures that the investors can sustain themselves without becoming a liability.
  • This could be a property deed or a rental agreement, indicating the investor’s residential ties.
  • Fingerprints and photographs further the authenticity of the application and aid in security protocols.

Timeline & Process

While the overall process for obtaining the Golden Visa spans 12-18 months, it’s broken down into specific phases:

Document Approval: A meticulous 4-6 month period where every document undergoes rigorous scrutiny.

Residence Card Issuance: Once documents are approved, the residence card, valid for two years, is issued within 3-6 months.

For investors, this means:

  1. Initial application preparation, selection of the investment type, banking formalities, and an initial visit to Portugal.
  2. Application finalisation, supplemented with biometrics.
  3. A phase dedicated to pre-registration, fund transfers, and fee management.

After residing for five years, Golden Visa holders can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

Fees Involved

Various fees are associated with the Golden Visa, from Legal Fees ranging from €5,000-€8,000 for a single applicant to Initial Application fees of €5,325 per individual.

Application Process

The process to obtain the highly desired Golden Visa is organised:

  • Choose between capital transfer or job creation.
  • Gather all requisite, well-formatted documents.
  • Apply via the SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service) portal.
  • Once preliminarily approved, you’ll be summoned for an in-person interview in Portugal.
  • After the successful interview and document verification, the Golden Visa is conferred upon the applicant.

Interested in investing in Portugal? Get in touch to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa for Brazilian investors.

Tech Visa for Brazilians


Portugal’s Tech Visa program is a visionary initiative, inviting elite tech professionals, especially Brazilians, to become integral parts of its booming digital landscape. Beyond mere employment, it’s an opportunity to meld into Portugal’s thriving tech ecosystem while serving as a stepping stone for broader European endeavours.

Eligibility Criteria

Long-Term Employment: Candidates must secure a long-term employment contract, spanning over a year, with a certified Portuguese tech entity. It’s not just a job but a significant role in shaping the tech future of a company and the nation.

Contribution to Innovation: Beyond employment, candidates should be prepared to introduce fresh perspectives and innovations, further enhancing Portugal’s status as a tech hub.

Document Requirements

  • An official employment contract from a Tech Visa-recognized Portuguese firm.
  • Proof of academic prowess, usually a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.
  • Clean criminal records from Brazil and Portugal, highlighting the candidate’s integrity.
  • A declaration of no unresolved tax issues showcasing financial responsibility.
  • Once in Portugal, evidence of a local address indicated a commitment to stay.

Timeline & Process

The Tech Visa journey, on average, unfolds over a month:

Application Prep involves ensuring the hiring company’s certification, gathering essential documents, and initial consultations.

Approval Phase: Post-application, the waiting period is typically 20-23 working days, during which IAPMEI (Institute for Support to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Innovation) assesses the application’s merits.

For tech professionals, this means:

  • Checking alignment with tech criteria and ensuring prospective employer certification.
  • Assembling crucial documents, including a CV, the employment contract, and academic certificates.
  • Trusting the certified company to navigate the IAPMEI application process.
  • As a result of approval from IAPMEI, I am progressing to secure the Tech Visa via a Portuguese consulate.
  • Upon arrival in Portugal, the next step is to seek a residence permit through SEF, culminating in obtaining the residence card.

Fees Involved

No application fee is required for the Tech Visa!

Application Process

  • Align with the tech criteria and verify the prospective employer’s certification status.
  • Collect indispensable documents: CV, employment contract, and academic credentials.
  • Let the certified firm handle the IAPMEI application like IAS.
  • With IAPMEI’s approval, proceed to the Portuguese consulate for the Tech Visa.
  • Once in Portugal, the final step involves getting the residence permit from SEF and receiving the residence card.

Startup Visa for Brazilians


The Startup Visa program in Portugal is a visionary initiative designed for budding entrepreneurs from non-EU nations like Brazil. This vibrant platform is crafted to foster innovation, drawing talent and investment into Portugal’s dynamic business landscape.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Entrepreneurs aged 18 or above who aren’t EU citizens or permanent residents are eligible.
  • A clean criminal record is fundamental to ensure trustworthiness.
  • A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent affirms the entrepreneur’s foundational knowledge.
  • Maintaining a minimum of 5,800€ is essential, reflecting the entrepreneur’s commitment to navigating the startup’s early stages.
  • The startup idea should resonate with viability and potential regardless of sector.
  • It strengthens the application if it receives the endorsement or approval of a Portuguese business incubator.
  • Defining a five-year trajectory and demonstrating scalability is imperative for a startup.

Document Requirements

  • A valid travel passport.
  • Proof of residency outside the European Economic Area.
  • Affirmation of a debt-free status concerning Social Security or Tax Authority.
  • A comprehensive business plan for the startup.
  • Describe the project’s innovation, scalability, and growth potential in a motivation letter.
  • Proof of association with an incubator certified by Portugal.
  • A long-term (at least one year) Portuguese housing contract.
  • Adequate health insurance.
  • Investment breakdown into the incubator: €175,000, with €25,000 reserved for equity in a Portuguese enterprise.

Timeline & Process

The Startup Visa’s processing window is refreshingly short, averaging around 2 months. Most applicants receive a decision within 30 days, and in some accelerated cases, as early as 15 days.

Fees Involved

While the Startup Visa application demands a modest €90 fee per applicant, the residence permit tacks on an additional €85.05. Prospective entrepreneurs should also earmark funds for health insurance (approximately €400 or more) and any potential legal counsel fees. Travel expenses to Portugal and associated costs during the application phase should also be considered.

Application Process

  • Make sure you are familiar with the eligibility criteria.
  • Assemble the required documentation, including ID, financial proofs, and startup proposal.
  • Engage with IAPMEI for an exhaustive evaluation.
  • Establish a connection with a certified business incubator in Portugal.
  • Upon validation, secure the Startup Visa to make a grand Portuguese entry. In the heart of Portugal, initiate the residence permit application.

Our top immigration lawyers can assist Brazilian entrepreneurs in obtaining a Startup Visa in Portugal. Contact us today.

D7 Visa for Brazilians


The D7 visa in Portugal is ideal for Brazilian retirees and those with steady passive income, allowing for a comfortable retirement surrounded by Portugal’s scenic beauty. With reliable income like pensions, residents can enjoy financial security. The visa eases Portuguese residency, offering access to European amenities and travel within the Schengen Area.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be 18 or older.
  • Holding no criminal record is essential.
  • Must not be citizens or permanent residents of any EU country.
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required.
  • Possession of a viable startup idea applicable to any business sector is crucial.
  • Maintenance of at least €5,800 in a bank for the startup’s initial phases is obligatory.
  • It is necessary to receive endorsement or support from a Portuguese business incubator.
  • The startup should demonstrate the capacity for growth and scalability over 5 years.

Document Requirements

  • Valid passport and proof of non-European Economic Area residency.
  • No debts to Social Security or a Tax Authority.
  • Detailed file presenting the startup project and a motivation letter.
  • Document proving affiliation with a certified business incubator.
  • Long-term Portuguese rental contract (minimum 1 year) and health insurance.
  • Two identical, clear, coloured photographs.
  • A valid copy of your residency card.
  • Startup/entrepreneur investment of €175,000 into a business incubator, with €25,000 used for shares in the Portuguese business venture.

Timeline & Procedure

The Portugal D7 visa processing time commonly ranges from 2 to 4 months. It’s a two-part application process, with an initial application in your home country. The visa allows for two entries into Portugal and is valid for 4 months. After arrival in Portugal, you must apply for a residency permit with the Immigration and Border Services (SEF) website. This residence permit processing can take up to 4 months.

Fees Involved

The processing fee for the Portugal D7 visa, applicable to Brazilian citizens, amounts to €83.

Additionally, a fee of €72 is associated with obtaining a residence permit, an official identification document in Portugal.

Application Process

  • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for the D7 Visa.
  • Gather required documents such as proof of income, criminal record certificate, and passport.
  • Apply at the nearest Portuguese embassy or consulate and pay the visa fee.
  • Attend an interview if requested.
  • Wait a few months for visa processing.
  • On approval and entry into Portugal, apply for a residence permit with the Immigration and Border Services (SEF).
  • After some months, receive your official residence permit.

Study Visa for Brazilians


A study visa in Portugal is a fantastic opportunity for Brazilian students. It provides access to top-notch education, easy travel within Europe, affordability, and a welcoming environment for a well-rounded educational experience.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Obtain an official acceptance letter from a recognised Portuguese educational institution.
  • Prove you have sufficient financial means to support your living expenses.
  • Ensure valid health insurance coverage throughout the study duration in Portugal.
  • Maintain a clean criminal record.
  • If studying in Portuguese, you should have proven proficiency in the language.

Documentary Requirements

  • Valid passport (with at least six months’ validity beyond the intended stay).
  • Filled visa application form.
  • Official acceptance letter from the Portuguese educational institution.
  • Proof of financial stability can be bank statements, scholarships, or a financial guarantee.
  • Comprehensive health insurance documentation.
  • Recent passport-sized photos are compliant with consulate standards.
  • Round-trip flight itinerary.
  • Details of intended accommodation in Portugal.
  • Payment receipt for the visa application fee.
  • A clear outline of your study objectives in Portugal.
  • Proof of any tuition or related fees, if already paid.

Timeline & Procedure

The Portugal study visa processing usually takes about 60 days. You can apply up to 6 months before travelling. Once in Portugal, your residence permit covers your study period. For courses between 3 months to 1 year, apply for a Temporary Stay Visa for studies to ensure a hassle-free stay.

Fees Involved

The Portuguese student visa costs around €170 in total. The fees include €75 for a short-stay visa, €90 for a long-stay visa, an embassy fee of €90, an application fee at the SEF of €83, and €72 to receive the residence permit from the SEF.

Application Process

  • Secure acceptance from a recognised Portuguese institution.
  • Gather documents: passport, visa form, acceptance letter.
  • Apply at the Portuguese embassy in your home country and pay fees.
  • Await visa approval (typically around 60 days).
  • Once in Portugal, register with SEF within four months.
  • For programs over a year, renew the residence permit as required.

Secure your stay in Portugal with the help of our immigration team.

Work Visa for Brazilians


Portugal’s work visa allows Brazilian professionals to access the European job market. It allows them to enhance their careers and experience this stunning country’s unique lifestyle and culture. With a rich history, welcoming atmosphere, and promising job prospects, Portugal stands out as a desirable destination for Brazilians looking to expand their horizons.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Secure a valid job offer from a Portuguese employer.
  • Demonstrate a clean criminal record.
  • Provide proof of financial stability.
  • Obtain health insurance coverage.

Documentary Requirements

  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • An employment contract or a job offer letter from a Portuguese employer.
  • Clean criminal record certificates from both Brazil and Portugal.
  • Proof of health insurance coverage.
  • Bank statements or financial documentation showing financial means.
  • Passport-sized photos complying with consulate requirements.
  • Proof of accommodation in Portugal.
  • Visa application form.
  • Any additional documents specified by the consulate.

Timeline & Procedure

Obtaining a work visa for Portugal requires a detailed process. Initially, the SEF takes up to 60 days to process the work permit application. Following this, the Portuguese embassy takes 2-3 months to issue the entry visa.

This visa is designed for those who have secured a job offer or an employment contract in Portugal. It’s worth noting that Brazilian citizens have the privilege of touring Portugal without needing a visa for up to 90 days, and they can further extend their stay to 180 days.

Fees Involved

The residency visa for Portugal has a processing fee of R$ 637.15. The fee includes the consular fee, transfer fee, and processing fee.

Application Process

  • Find a job in Portugal and secure a job offer.
  • Gather the required documents, including the employment contract.
  • Submit your visa application at the nearest Portuguese consulate or the embassy in Brazil.
  • Pay the visa application fee.
  • Attend an interview.
  • Wait for the visa applicant processing.
  • Upon approval, travel to Portugal within the visa’s validity.
  • Apply for a residence permit in Portugal.

Portugal Residency

Temporary Residency Permit

If you wish to live in Portugal and are not an EU national, this is the first step you must take. It’s valid for one year but can be renewed for two subsequent years. After 5 years of holding a temporary residence permit, you can apply for a permanent residency permit.

Permanent Residency Permit

Once you have lived in Portugal for 5 consecutive years, you can apply for this. Permanent residency is valid indefinitely, but the card must be renewed every five years. It gives most of the same rights as Portuguese citizens, excluding voting in national elections.

Applying for Permanent Residency in Portugal


You must have lived in Portugal for at least five continuous years with a valid temporary residence permit. Have stable income and accommodation. Have basic knowledge of the Portuguese language (an A2 level certificate or higher).

Required Documents

  • Valid passport and copies.
  • Two recent passport-size photographs.
  • Valid temporary residence permit.
  • Proof of regular income and evidence of accommodation (rental agreement or property deed).
  • Proof of social security payments.
  • Certificate of no criminal record from Portugal and the applicant’s home country.
  • Language proficiency certificate (an A2 level certificate or higher).

Application Process

Schedule an appointment with the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) for your application. Present your documents during the appointment. Once the application is approved, you’ll be issued a residence card proof of your permanent resident status.


While the permanent residency is indefinite, the residence card must be renewed every five years.

Path to Citizenship

After six years of continuous legal residence in Portugal (this includes the five years for permanent residency), you may be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. There are additional requirements for this, including language and cultural tests.

Access our expert advisory service and secure permanent residency in Portugal.

Portuguese Citizenship for Brazilian Citizens


Portuguese citizenship offers several benefits, such as the right to live, work, and study anywhere within the European Union. For Brazilian citizens, acquiring Portuguese citizenship can be a significant advantage, given the historical and cultural ties between the two countries.

Eligibility Criteria

Residence: Brazilian citizens should have legally resided in Portugal for at least six continuous years before they can apply for citizenship.

Children: If Brazilian citizens have a child born in Portugal, the child might be eligible for Portuguese citizenship, especially if one of the parents has legally resided in Portugal for at least five years.

Marriage or Partnership: Brazilian citizens married to a Portuguese national for at least three years can apply for citizenship.

Requirements for Portuguese Citizenship

Brazilians must show they’ve been legal residents for the required period, usually backed by tax, health, or rental records.

Applicants should not have been convicted of a crime that is punishable in Portugal with imprisonment of three years or more.

While it’s beneficial for Brazilians as both countries speak Portuguese, they still need to prove they have a basic knowledge (typically A2 level) of the language. This is usually demonstrated by passing a language test.

Brazilians can demonstrate ties to their community through their length of residence, family connections, or participation in the cultural life of the local community.

Application Process

  • Complete the appropriate application form.
  • Gather the necessary supporting documents, including birth certificates, proof of legal residence, and language proficiency certificates.
  • Pay the required application fee.
  • Apply to the Central Registry Office (Registo Central) in Portugal.
  • The application process might also involve an interview or additional documentation requests.

Citizenship for Descendants

Portuguese citizenship laws also consider ‘Jus sanguinis,’ meaning the right of blood. If a Brazilian can prove that one or both of their parents or grandparents were Portuguese citizens, they may be eligible for citizenship, even if they haven’t lived in Portugal. However, they would still need to fulfil other requirements for Portuguese citizenship.

How Can IAS Help?

The Immigration Advice Service (IAS) is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of immigration processes. With our seasoned advisors on board, the IAS offers tailored consultation specific to individual needs and assists diligently in assembling, verifying, and organising all required documents.

Our in-depth knowledge ensures each application adheres to the latest regulations and maximises the probability of a favourable outcome.

If you need guidance or are on the verge of making an important immigration decision, look no further. Contact the IAS at +44 (0)333 305 9375. Let our expertise pave the way for a smooth process. E-mail us now and embark on a hassle-free immigration journey with the IAS.

We offer immigration advice sessions as face to face appointments at all of our UK offices, or via the phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you plan to stay in Portugal for more than 90 days or for specific purposes other than tourism, such as work or study, you must apply for the respective long-term visa.

Possessing a return ticket is one of the entry requirements for Brazilians travelling to Portugal. If you don’t have one, you may face issues at the border.

Brazil and Portugal share deep-rooted historical, cultural, and linguistic ties. These long standing relationships have led to bilateral agreements allowing visa-free short stays to promote tourism and cultural exchange.

Yes, To apply for a long-term Portugal visa in Brazil, you should approach the Portuguese embassy or consulate in Brazil. The application involves submitting required documents, attending an interview, and paying a fee.

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) is an electronic authorisation system for visa-exempt nationals. Once operational, it will be necessary for travellers, even from visa-exempt countries, to obtain this authorisation before visiting Schengen Area countries, including Portugal. It’s not a visa but an additional layer of security.

Budget travellers expect daily expenses of €50-€70, covering essentials. Those seeking a mid-range experience might spend €100-€150 daily. Adjust plans accordingly to fit your budget.

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