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UK electronic visa waiver is in place for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

The Home Office have announced their plans to implement a new electronic visa waiver for nationals of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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Electronic visa waiver status for travel into the UK

New plans in place mean that from June 2022, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain nationals can submit applications to travel to the UK for work, study, medical reasons, and, tourism with an electronic visa. The new proposal will allow the overseas nationals to stay in the UK for a maximum of six months.

The new waiver acts as a catalyst to intensify the growing relationship between the United Kingdom and Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Officials hope the movement will strengthen diplomatic and economic ties and lead to economic affluence.

Home Office has assured us that security checks will remain the highest priority 

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are the latest bodies in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to be granted this specific waiver. Home Office officials have reassured the public that security will remain their highest priority with highly effective border processing protocols being implemented ahead of visitors’ travel plans.

The electronic visa waiver will allow overseas travellers to enter the UK without an official visa for any time for up to six months. Those wishing to enter the UK must fill out an online waiver to be granted access, along with a small processing fee. There will be no requirement to obtain biometric information to do so.

“A boost in economic prosperity”

Speaking on the implementation of the waiver, Home Secretary Priti Patel said:

“This visa waiver for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will better connect the people of our countries and boost economic prosperity.”

“The electronic visa waiver is a quick, digital alternative to the regular visit visa and ensures all the necessary security checks are carried out in advance of travel. The visa improvements announced today will provide greater security for our citizens while making it easier and cheaper for visitors from the Gulf to travel here for leisure and business.”

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