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UK Immigration: What is the Government Proposing?

One of the biggest driving points for the Brexit has been immigration policy and Sajid Javid is set to change the UK immigration forever.

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    One of the biggest driving points for the Brexit has been immigration policy and Sajid Javid is set to change the UK immigration forever.

    Javid claims that he has been given the “unique opportunity” as home secretary to completely overhaul the immigration system in the UK.

    In Autumn, it has been said that a white paper explaining the immigration changes and how this will work will be published.

    What are the proposals?

    The government is seeking to overhaul the current immigration system, which works based on an annual threshold. Instead, the newly proposed system will be a single immigration system that treats migrants for EU countries the same as non-EU residents.

    Instead, highly skilled workers will be given preferential treatment in order to boost productivity and to shape the future of Britain.

    In recent years, thousands of Tier-2 visas have been rejected because the threshold has already been met. Meaning that thousands of overseas doctors and nurses have been turned away.

    This policy is set to pander to the needs of industries that are suffering serious skill shortage, such as the NHS. In the last 3 months, the staff shortage for the NHS has risen by 10%, leaving 108,000 jobs unfilled. This new policy will set to change this.

    Javid has stated that he will seek to remove the cap of 20,700 on highly skilled migrants as part of the post-Brexit vision.

    Applicants of the Tier-2 visa will now need to meet the threshold for highly-skilled migrants, which will now stands at £30,000. However, there is a rumour that this threshold could be reviewed in the coming months.

    How is it different?

    One of the most significant changes will be the end of free movement between the UK and the EU. It’s predicted that EU countries will follow suit, adopting a “tit for tat” stance on the matter.

    At present, any citizen of an EU member state is able to come to the UK to live and work. However, after Brexit, this will be set to change and EU citizens will be treated similarly to those who live outside of the EU and would like to work and live in the UK.

    Treating EU and non-EU citizens in a similar capacity will ensure that the government can prioritise skilled workers over any other factor. However, this could also have an adverse effect on how the UK citizens will be dealt with in EU countries.

    Who will benefit and who will lose out?

    As mentioned previously, those who will benefit the most will be skilled workers who are looking to move to the UK to work in a sector experiencing a shortage.

    The home secretary has claimed that he will be looking into the salary caps for the Tier-2 skilled visas in order to ensure that people are given a fair chance and that they are given the opportunity to make an impact on sectors such as the healthcare, engineering and tech sectors.

    It could be argued that the proposals work against EU citizens because the most dramatic departure from the status quo is the restrictions to EU migration.

    Additionally, industries that rely on “low-skilled workers” are now worried that they will struggle to recruit workers, which again include those in the health, care and hospitality sectors.

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