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    We are proud to have the best immigration lawyers in Ealing. Our lawyers are highly professional, qualified and supportive and will work with you to address and resolve your individual immigration issues.

    Each of our immigration specialists in Ealing is experienced in advising on and assisting with a range of immigration cases. These cases include private and corporate cases and span from business audits to UK visa applications.

    Our immigration lawyers are qualified to offer advice, application and appeal services in the following areas:

    These areas are not exhaustive, and our immigration lawyers will work with you one-on-one to resolve your immigration issue or query, no matter how straightforward, complex or unique it may be.

    Why Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

    It is always advised to use the services of an OISC-regulated immigration lawyer when making an application to UKVI or the Home Office.

    This is because many immigration applications can be complex, and require extensive supporting evidence and application organisation.

    Our immigration lawyers are all OISC-qualified and are therefore highly qualified to assist with any applications under UK immigration, nationality, asylum and corporate law.

    Speaking with an immigration specialist can help eliminate worries and stress: whether you just need advice on your eligibility or you are looking for complete application assistance or appeal representation. An immigration solicitor or lawyer offers a legal perspective, as well as experience with similar cases. They also provide an updated knowledge of UK immigration legislation and law which is invaluable when making an application.

    What Legal Aid Do Our Ealing Immigration Specialists Offer?

    IAS offer Legal Aid services for asylum seekers and those who are held in detention centres in the UK.

    Every asylum case is unique, and our lawyers will work with their Legal Aid clients one-on-one to solve their issues. Our immigration lawyers in Ealing will take you step-by-step through your application process if you qualify for Legal Aid. Our lawyers are experienced in asylum cases and asylum law and this experience will lend itself to their services.

    We understand that, if you qualify for Legal Aid, your situation may be a sensitive one. Because of this, our lawyers will be supportive and respectful of your issues, understanding the emotive nature of your case.

    As part of our services, we can also provide translation services to allow you to tell your story and voice any opinions or questions easily.

    Our Immigration lawyers in Ealing are ready to assist you in person or via the phone.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our Ealing office is situated in the centre of Ealing, at The Mall, meaning our Ealing immigration specialists are perfectly-poised to help you with your needs.

    We are most established and trusted immigration law-firm in the UK and our lawyers are experienced, highly-qualified and compassionate.

    As part of our services, you will be paired with an immigration lawyer who suits your specific needs. This lawyer will work through your issues with you, spending as long as needed going through your case. If you choose to proceed with an application, your lawyer will take charge of the entire application process. They will gather and collate your supporting evidence, filing them into a comprehensive application portfolio. This will be submitted alongside your application forms, which will be completed by your lawyer, as well as a Letter of Representation. This letter is written by your lawyer and addressed directly to UKVI/the relevant body. The letter pleads your case and draws upon relevant, UK immigration legislation and case-law in support of your case.

    UK Immigration Solicitors Reviews

    With some of the best immigration lawyers in Ealing, we have many five-star reviews from people around the globe who we have advised, assisted and represented in various ways. To read our reviews, scroll down to the bottom of this page or click to read our immigration advice service reviews.

    How To Get In Touch

    Our experienced team boasts a successful track record of advising and securing personal visas, settlement claims, asylum claims. We have also assisted several businesses, companies and organisations with their immigration recruitment needs. You can call us free on 0333 414 9244, visit our contact us page or email us at [email protected] for advice.

    If you need help with an immigration application, extension or appeal contact our experts today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    IAS Immigration Advice Service is a team of experienced lawyers who specialise in UK immigration. Our immigration lawyers in Ealing offer reliable and professional service to our clients who wish to enter or settle in the UK.

    We work passionately and tirelessly to make sure that every case gets only the best positive outcome. We are committed to making every application process less stressful and more straightforward by pairing you with one of our top immigration lawyers in the UK.

    Whether you are a foreign national planning to enter the UK, or you are already a British citizen hoping your beloved ones to join you, we can help you.

    Call us today to learn more about our Immigration Advice Service bespoke packages.

    Our immigration lawyers in Ealing are expert in several immigration issues. This means we can provide reliable Legal Aid services in Ealing to the following categories:

    Victims of trafficking;
    Victims of domestic abuse.
    If you fall into one of those groups, you may be eligible for free immigration advice in Ealing and the UK.

    To discuss your case with one of our top immigration lawyers in the UK, you can come and meet us in one of our offices. You can also ask for a free call back from our staff, or arrange a first session over the phone or via Skype.

    If you wish to employ foreign workers in your UK-based business, you need to apply for a Sponsor Licence. Only employers who meet specific requirements are eligible, and you will be required to provide extensive documentation about your company. To review your case, the UKVI may also decide to visit your business site and meet the personnel involved in the international recruitment process.

    The Sponsor Licence application is a complicated process, and many employers are unsure of how to proceed. At IAS, our team of immigration specialists in Ealing is experienced in business immigration law and can offer expert advice to UK-based employers.

    You will be paired with one of our top lawyers in the UK, who will:

    Follow you through your Sponsor Licence application process;
    Liaise with all company representatives;
    Assess your business’ eligibility;
    Review and organise your documents into a successful application portfolio.

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