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For expert immigration advice, our OISC certified immigration lawyers in Clifton, Allerdale are on standby.

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Did you know our immigration solicitors in Clifton, Allerdale offer expert advice on Spouse Visas?

Our Clifton, Allerdale immigration lawyers are qualified to guide you from application to submission if you wish to apply for a UK Spouse Visa. We have the required expertise and experience.

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How can your Clifton, Allerdale immigration lawyers assist with my Business Visa?

There are certain documents that a business owner must submit when applying for a Business Visa. Some of these are:

  • Current passport or other types of valid identification
  • Bank statements
  • Business registration documents
  • evidence of self-support in the UK
  • and a host of others

Our immigration lawyers in Clifton, Allerdale are well experienced in all aspects of UK immigration law, including business and corporate immigration issues. They can help with a variety of business issues, including applications for business visas and assistance with employment law issues and many more. If you are looking to start or invest in a business in the UK, then there may be several visa options available to you under the Tier 1 route, like Start-Up VisaInvestor VisaInnovator Visa. Our immigration lawyers can guide you through the rigorous application process for any of the mentioned visas or more, as well as ascertain your eligibility for the application.

If you are a UK business looking to hire overseas workers, then our lawyers in Clifton, Allerdale will also be able to assist you with the Sponsor Licence application, ensuring that you have all that you need for a successful application and that you are well informed of the employment rules that you will need to follow as a sponsor company.

To learn more about your business immigration options, speak to our Clifton, Allerdale solicitors today on 0333 305 9375 .

Can your Clifton, Allerdale Lawyers handle my application for British Citizenship by Marriage?

Our expert lawyers can assist with your application for British Citizenship by Marriage if you are eligible. British Citizenship by Marriage is the process by which non-EEA spouses of British citizens become naturalised as British citizens. The eligibility requirements to be met before British Citizenship by Marriage is attained are as follows:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age;
  • You must have adhered to the immigration rules and regulations of the UK. The ‘Good Character’ requirement throughout your time in the UK must have been adhered to, meaning that you must not have any criminal records or convictions;
  • You must hold Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR);
  • You must have been a continuous and lawful resident of the UK for at least 36 months;
  • You must have passed the Life in the UK Test- a series of tests relating to the ways, culture, customs and history of the UK;
  • You must demonstrate the required level of English language proficiency.

It is essential that all these requirements are met as the application may be rejected if any of these requirements are found wanting. To ensure the application is not rejected and funds wasted, our expert immigration lawyers are at hand to assist in the entire process. Call or Skype with us at Clifton, Allerdale on 0333 305 9375 .

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is common practice that some people would prefer to fulfil their UK Visa application without professional help, but this runs the risk of a refusal. To avoid a refusal, you should seek the help of IAS’ OISC-accredited lawyers. To avoid a refusal, professional help is needed. At IAS, we offer exhaustive Appeal Support – regardless of whether you sent your underlying application off with another immigration law office.

Connect with the IAS to book a meeting with one of our immigration lawyers today. You can contact us either by call or by skype, we are here to attend to you.

It is not a prerequisite for you to employ an immigration lawyer for a UK visa application. Nevertheless, it is necessary so as to ensure a successful visa application. It is normal for UK visa applications to be dismissed. Quite possibly the most widely recognized explanation behind this is a deficient arrangement of proof.

By employing an immigration lawyer, you can be sure that your arrangement of proof will incorporate all applicable documentation. To put it plainly, through recruiting IAS immigration professionals, you will increase the success rate of your visa application.

Indefinite Leave to Remain and British citizenship are one of a kind. Even though both packages allow you to make the UK your permanent place of abode, they have certain qualities that differentiate them.

Indefinite Leave to Remain allows you to live in the United Kingdom permanently but with some restrictions. For example, if you leave the UK for more than two years, your Indefinite Leave to Remain can be revoked.

With British citizenship, there is no restriction on how lengthy you can stay overseas as you may also be eligible for a United Kingdom passport which you can use to travel in and out of the country. You can also vote in all UK elections as well as run for office

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