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Immigration Lawyers in Finsbury Park

Do you need the help of immigration lawyers in Finsbury Park? If so, we can assist you. Our experienced team of caseworkers is perfectly positioned no matter what kind of enquiry you have.

Speak to our client care team on 0330 433 1213 to find out more. 


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    Can an immigration lawyer in Finsbury Park help me settle in the UK?

    Our lawyers can assist you if you need help settling in the UK permanently, including in Finsbury Park or surrounding areas.

    As part of our services, we can work with you to assess your eligibility for different forms of settlement and advise you on the requirements for them accordingly. These types include:

    As part of our service, we will work with you closely, to create a detailed plan for your nationality case. This will abide by Home Office guidelines, and ensure that the standards expected of any application are met.

    We will work alongside you to help source your documents, and file them into a comprehensive application portfolio that properly presents your case to the Home Office. This is then submitted alongside your lawyer-written Letter of Representation, maximising your chances of success.

    Your lawyer will complete and submit your application on your behalf and communicate with the Home Office until a decision on your application is reached.

    How does your application package work?

    Our application package is designed so that it is adaptable and flexible. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our clients’ needs, no matter how straightforward or complex their enquiry and case is. If you need immigration solicitors in Finsbury Park for guidance or assistance with an application under any immigration category, the IAS can help you.

    Our application packages are tailored around our clients and can be conducted in person, over the phone, and via Skype/video call.

    Each of our application packages has a general setup, that we can then move around or build on depending on what you require from us.

    Our general Application Package includes:

    • Your lawyer creating an in-depth plan of action after an initial session
    • Help sourcing and organising your documents
    • Creation of an ‘evidence portfolio’
    • Your lawyer writing a Letter of Representation that discusses the merits of your case
    • Ongoing communication with the Home Office/embassy on your behalf
    • Full completion and submission of your relevant application forms

    If you need an immigration solicitor in Finsbury Park to help you with an application, we can help you. Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out how.

    Can immigration solicitors in Finsbury Park help me reunite with my partner?

    Our Finsbury Park immigration lawyers are vastly experienced in assisting people with Fiance, Spouse, and long-term Partner Visas.

    We can work closely with you and your partner to assess your needs and make sure they are met. We can advise you on your partners’ eligibility for a Partner Visa and advise you on the requirements.

    Our Spouse Visa Application Package includes:

    • A full eligibility assessment of you and your partner’s circumstances, requirements and next steps
    • Assistance demonstrating that you meet the genuine relationship requirement – including help sourcing and gathering your supporting evidence (photographs, tickets, bank statements etc) and arranging them
    • Assistance demonstrating that you meet the combined minimum income requirement for a Spouse or Partner Visa
    • Assistance showing that you meet the accommodation requirement
    • Help meeting the English language requirements (such as preparation for your IELTS test etc)
    • Organisation of all your demonstrative evidence into an Evidence Portfolio
    • A written Letter of Representation that argues the merits of your application
    • Full completion of your application forms
    • Submission of your Spouse Visa application
    • Ongoing correspondence with the Home Office

    Your Finsbury Park immigration lawyer will stay in contact with the Home Office as your representative, and advise you of the outcome of your application once a decision has been reached.

    If you want to find out more about our range of application packages, and what our immigration lawyers in Finsbury Park can do to help you, call us on 0333 305 9375  or leave an enquiry using the contact form.

    Can an IAS immigration lawyer in Central London’s Finsbury Park help me join my family in the UK?

    If you want to join your family in the UK, or you are currently in the UK and you want an overseas family member to join you here, our lawyers can help you.

    We have experienced family immigration lawyers in London, including in Central London near Finsbury Park and surrounding areas. The IAS  can assist you if you need advice or application support with any category of Family Visa application.

    In addition to serving the needs of people in Finsbury Park, we also have offices situated throughout the UK, including in LondonManchester, and Birmingham. Use our office finder to find your closest branch.

    If you are looking to get a Sponsor Licence so that you can recruit workers from outside the EEA for your business, our lawyers in Central London are well equipped to help you.

    We offer advice, document checks, application services, premium services, business audits and a range of other corporate services for those who need immigration advice for their business.

    We advise and assist people around the world. Our range of remote services  — which mirror our full range of in-person services — allow us to help you no matter where you in the world.

    We can work with you over the phone, via email or using video call tools such as Skype or WhatsApp call.

    We function on a 24 hour basis which means one of our immigration solicitors will be able to assist you no matter timezone you live in.


    We offer advice packages for people who simply want to know their UK migration options and don’t know where to start.

    We can arrange a session with an immigration lawyer, based near London’s Finsbury Park (or anywhere else in the UK). In this he/she will go through your different options and the requirements you will need to meet to qualify for them.

    After this session you’ll receive a document detailing all of this advice.

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