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Immigration Lawyers in Richmond upon Thames

Are you searching for a London-based immigration lawyer?

IAS’ team of immigration lawyers in Richmond upon Thames can address any of your immigration requirements.

Get in touch on 0333 305 9375.


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    What can IAS’ immigration lawyers in Richmond do for me?

    From helping you to acquire a Spouse Visa to appealing Home Office decisions, IAS’ team of immigration lawyers in Richmond are here to assist you whatever your immigration matter.

    With decades of experience in all aspects of immigration law, IAS values client needs above all else. We tailor every aspect of our work to match your needs, with our distinct packages offering the transparency you need.

    We know that immigration law can be complex and difficult to understand, which is why we offer succinct packages which detail exactly what our hardworking team of immigration lawyers in Richmond can do for you.

    From our advice package to our application package, IAS’ immigration experts can navigate any immigration issue and establish the exact service you require.

    We want to make life easier for you, which is exactly what our cost-effective packages aim to do.

    Working hard to achieve the result you desire, we are here to help with any UK visa applications, appeals, representation, detention bail and asylum cases.

    To enquire about our packages and discover the best one for you, call IAS on 0333 305 9375.

    I need help with a Tier 4 Student Visa application, can IAS’ immigration lawyers in Richmond assist me?

    At IAS, we pride ourselves on our established history of achieving a successful result for applications.

    While this is not something we can guarantee, we can certainly provide you with the absolute best chance of a positive outcome.

    Our decades of experience in immigration law means that IAS’ immigration lawyers in Richmond are able to provide high-quality legal guidance with any UK visa application and this includes those looking to study in the UK on a Student Visa.

    Once you have received an unconditional offer to study on a course with a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor, IAS’ team of immigration lawyers can get your application process started.

    This includes confirming that you personally meet further requirements for a Student Visa and ensuring that you have the relevant, accurate documentation. We know what makes a superb application and will submit this to the Home Office along with a Letter of Representation which demonstrates the merits of your application.

    Receiving legal guidance from IAS’ team of immigration lawyers in Richmond is a step in the right direction to ensure the result you desire.

    Similarly, we can provide legal advice and assistance for those who require the Tier 4 Child Student Visa. This visa is for those between 4-17 years old who wish to study in the UK.

    Our application package is ideal for those who would like help with any immigration application.

    To find out more, arrange your first session by calling us on 0333 305 9375.

    Can IAS’ immigration lawyers in Richmond assist me with a Business Visitor Visa?

    Our immigration lawyers specialise in nationality, asylum, corporate and EEA law.

    For those seeking a Business Visitor Visa, IAS can assign you one of our superb immigration lawyers with an abundance of knowledge and experience for those with business-related immigration queries. If you would like to visit the UK to conduct business tasks for a temporary period, the Business Visitor Visa may be the route for you.

    Enabling you to visit the UK for business matters on a short-term basis, you can remain here for a period of 6 months or less. For those who are visiting as an academic business visitor, this time period allowance is extended to 12 months.

    Our team of highly qualified immigration specialists in Richmond can take you through the process of applying for a Business Visitor Visa, ensuring the best chance of success.

    Currently, those applying to visit the UK through this visa are not entitled to appeal against a refused application. This makes it crucial that your application is accurate and consistent first time around, with the required levels of documentation to support it.

    IAS immigration lawyers can assess your eligibility, maintain all contact with the Home Office during your application process and prepare a Letter of Representation detailing your case and highlighting any relevant references to immigration law.

    To enquire about a Business Visitor Visa, contact us today either via telephone or through filling out our online enquiry form.

    I want to know more about IAS’ detainee bail package, what does this include?

    For those who find themselves in a situation whereby they require urgent legal assistance with an immigration matter, IAS is here to help.

    This includes those who are currently being detained in either an immigration removal centre or prison.

    We know that this situation needs to be dealt with sensitively and efficiently. Our immigration specialists in Richmond know that it can cause a great deal of stress for the individual being detained and similarly for family or friends who are concerned for their wellbeing.

    If you or somebody you know is being detained, IAS’ detainee bail package can provide the necessary assistance.

    One of our immigration lawyers in Richmond can visit you in detention to provide immediate legal guidance including which steps need to be taken and whether bail arrangements can be made.

    For immediate help, contact us on 0333 305 9375.

    I need an immigration lawyer in London to help me with a Fiance Visa application — can you help me?

    If you live in Richmond upon Thames and need an immigration solicitor in South-West London to help you with your Fiance Visa then the IAS can assist you.

    Our lawyers have years of experience making applications for UK Fiance Visas on behalf of clients, so if you live in Richmond — or any other part of South-West London — we can help you.

    You can also find us at our offices in central LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland. Wherever you are located, the IAS is here for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are about to start the process of British naturalisation, IAS’ immigration lawyers can assist.

    Applying for British citizenship can be a long and complex process, however our immigration lawyers in Richmond have decades of experience in securing citizenship for our clients.

    With expert knowledge of nationality law, an IAS immigration lawyer in Richmond can guide you throughout the entire process – from establishing your eligibility to representing you.

    If you are aged 18 or over and have been in the UK on Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU Settled Status for at least three years, allow our outstanding team to begin your process of naturalisation.

    IAS has offices in London and across the UK, however we recognise that both distance and time can be a key factor in being unable to attend your immigration session.

    However, the legal advice and guidance you receive from one of IAS’ immigration lawyers in Richmond may be what you need to ensure a smooth, stress-free process.

    To ensure we can still help those who cannot make a visit to one of our offices, we offer equally exceptional telephone or Skype appointments. Our lawyers are still able to get to know you and your personal situation via phone or Skype.

    Contact IAS client assistants on 0333 305 9375 to arrange your first session with an IAS immigration lawyers in Richmond.

    Our advice package is perfect for those who require our expertise and experience to guide you in the right direction with any immigration query.

    Perhaps you are looking to apply for a Spouse Visa, or perhaps you are seeking asylum in the UK.

    Whatever your requirements, our advice package will be tailored to your individual circumstance. One of our immigration lawyers in Richmond will assess your requirements and eligibility, providing you a step-by-step guide of the necessary actions to take.

    After this session, you will be provided with written confirmation of everything discussed – perfect when you require an overview of all our legal recommendations.

    From here, you can decide which action to take next. Perhaps you would like our dedicated team of immigration lawyers to work on your case further, submitting necessary applications and indispensable advice. The choice is yours.