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Immigration Lawyers in Sutton

Our immigration solicitors in Sutton are able to provide legal advice and guidance with any of your immigration matters.

IAS is a leading organisation of immigration lawyers, located in all four corners of the UK.

Call us on 0333 305 9375 to find out more.

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    What can IAS’ immigration solicitors in Sutton, London, do for me?

    In the event that you seek professional legal guidance with an immigration query, IAS’ team of immigration lawyers in Sutton, London, are here to help.

    With over 50 years’ experience in immigration law, we offer a professional, high quality service with in all aspects of immigration.

    Whether you seek help with a Family Visa or require legal representation, IAS can provide you with an exceptional service.

    With offices across the UK, we provide an accessible service to all. Whether North or South, IAS’ immigration solicitors in Sutton can take on your case and help you to achieve your goal.

    Our specialist packages are there to be shaped to your individual circumstances. From our advice package to our fast-track application package, we can provide you with executive legal guidance.

    To hear more about our specific services, call us on 0333 305 9375.

    I need help with my Spouse Visa, can IAS’ immigration lawyers in Sutton assist me?

    We are experienced in all areas of immigration law, including UK visa applications, extensions and appeals – including Spouse Visas.

    If you require help with an existing Spouse Visa, or need assistance with acquiring a Spouse Visa, IAS’ team of immigration solicitors in Sutton, London, are here to help.

    We can help with both Spouse Visa applications and extensions and can also appeal against a refused Spouse Visa application.

    Depending on which route you require, an IAS immigration solicitor in Sutton will go through each step of the process with you. We will establish whether you meet the necessary requirements, are eligible to apply, extend or appeal, and take into consideration your personal circumstances.

    With a Spouse Visa extension, you are able to apply to remain in the UK for a further 30 months. When your extension expires, you can then apply for ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain) which can eventually lead to British citizenship.

    To meet the requirements for a Spouse Visa extension, you must:

    • Prove that you are still in a genuine relationship with your partner
    • Prove that you intend to continue living with your partner
    • Demonstrate a combined income with your partner of at least £18,600

    Further requirements are dependent on your individual circumstances – this is why it can be extremely helpful to seek advice from one of our expert immigration lawyers in Sutton. We tailor all of our advice and legal guidance to your personal needs through assessing your background and present situation.

    One key requirement for a Spouse Visa and Spouse Visa extension is that you must provide proof that your relationship is sincere. This can be more complex than it seems – the Home Office has a very specific and high standard of required evidence.

    Our immigration solicitors in Sutton have significant experience in applying for Spouse Visas and Spouse Visa extensions.

    To find out more, contact us on 0333 305 9375.

    I would like more information on Family Visas, can an IAS immigration solicitor in Sutton assist with this?

    Absolutely, our immigration solicitors in Sutton are well-versed in Family Visas.

    If you wish to join a family member in the UK for a period of longer than 6 months, you will typically require a Family Visa. This applies if you wish to join your UK-settled fiance/fiancee, spouse, partner, child, parent or relative who will be providing long-term care for you.

    Those in eligible relationships with individuals who have refugee or humanitarian protection in the UK are also able to apply for a Family Visa.

    You may also be entitled to switch to a Family Visa from an alternative visa in order to remain with your child, spouse or partner in the UK.

    One of our immigration lawyers in Sutton can go through this process with you, beginning by assessing your personal situation to ensure you fulfil all conditions.

    You can then decide if you wish to proceed with our application package, which includes practical assistance from one of our lawyers who will both complete and submit your visa application to the UK Home Office. Our immigration solicitors in Sutton will review your application and all documentation, making sure it stands the best chance of approval.

    Did you know we also have offices in central LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland? Wherever you are located, the IAS is here for you.

    Additionally, we will include a Letter of Representation with your application, illustrating relevant immigration law applicable to your case and also its merits.

    The IAS’ Sutton immigration lawyers in South-West London can help you become a British citizen by marriage

    If you are based in South West London and you want the help of an immigration solicitor in your area to advise you on how to become a British citizen by marriage, the IAS can support you.

    We offer a range of services, including advice, application support and appeal representation for clients based in or near Sutton who want the help of immigration lawyers in London to help them apply for citizenship after marriage.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our immigration lawyers in Sutton recognise that it can be extremely difficult to make an in-person appointment for a variety of valid reasons.

    Whether the journey is simply too far or you are unable to reach us physically due to personal reasons, do not worry. At IAS, we offer the same fantastic quality legal services over both the telephone and via Skype.

    We are dedicated to putting your needs first. If it makes life easier for you and we are still able to provide you with the relevant attention and assistance your case requires, we are more than happy to deal with your enquiries and provide legal guidance over the phone or via Skype.

    These sessions are just as beneficial as our in-person legal services – we are still able to provide the same level of care to your immigration case. Our immigration solicitors in Sutton are here for you no matter where in the UK you are based.

    Contact us on 0333 305 9375  for more information about our telephone and Skype appointments.

    At IAS, we offer a range of bespoke legal services. We know that each immigration case is unique and doesn’t always fall under the same categories.

    That’s why our immigration lawyers in Sutton prioritise your individual needs by tailoring IAS’ immigration packages to you.

    From our appeal package to our application package, we can provide top quality legal services no matter what you require.

    From a Spouse Visa application to an asylum claim, we want to help you to achieve the result you desire.

    Our advice package allows our immigration solicitors in Sutton to provide a detailed, step-by-step guide, addressing your situation and considering which routes or processes you are eligible for.

    We can then write up a confirmation of everything discussed within your advice session, ensuring you can refer to the advice given at any time.

    If you require immediate legal support, our efficient team of immigration solicitors in Sutton are here to assist you.

    We are experts in our field and know what it takes to work to a strict time-frame, having to do so on numerous occasions. We maintain the same exceptional standard of service regardless of a tight deadline.

    In fact, in the past, our immigration lawyers have succeeded in both processing and submitting applications in just 24 hours.

    If you are in a situation whereby you require immediate legal guidance, please call us on 0333 363 8577.