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Immigration Lawyers in Harrow

If you require expert legal counsel on your immigration query, our team of IAS immigration lawyers in Harrow can help you.

We have offices stationed all across London to suit your needs, but you may prefer to have a Skype consultation or a phone call rather than a one-on-one session.

Call us on 0333 305 9375 so that IAS’ client care team can look into your case and match you with one of our specialist lawyers.

    Request a call back from our immigration experts

    Why should I choose IAS’ immigration lawyers?

    At the Immigration Advice Service, all our lawyers are OISC (the Office of the Immigration Service Commissioner) accredited. This is the legal course and exam provided by the UK Government to ensure immigration advice is only provided by certain qualified companies and individuals.

    IAS offers level 1 training, level 2 training and level 3 training courses for budding immigration lawyers.

    If you are looking for immigration advice in Harrow, it is best practice to ensure your lawyer is OISC trained. At IAS, we guarantee your assigned immigration lawyerr has the appropriate qualifications and training to deliver expert immigration advice.


    Can an immigration lawyer in Harrow fill out my visa application for me?

    IAS immigration lawyers in London have over 50 years of immigration experience. In Harrow, our lawyers are well versed in every aspect of immigration law and are able to offer advice on settlement routes, family law, asylum and detention law as well as EEA.

    Even if your case appears complicated, our immigration lawyers in Harrow are able to help by offering an array of packages that are custom-made to your needs. You can choose from an Advice Session, full Application Guidance and even a Fast-Track Application Package.

    However, to make the most of your immigration session, the full Application Package might be best suited to you if you require guidance on your visa or status application to the Home Office.

    In this package, your IAS lawyer in Harrow will:

    • Review your case to assess your eligibility
    • Discuss with you the likelihood of a positive result based on how you meet the requirements
    • Assist you in organising an exhaustive portfolio of evidence to accompany your case
    • Write a Letter of Representation to submit to the Home Office
    • Completing and submitting your full application to the highest standard on your behalf

    Give us a call today on 0333 305 9375 so that we can begin assessing your case.

    Did you know our immigration lawyers in Harrow can help with your Family Visa application? 

    Whether you intend on sponsoring your partner, husband/wife, child or another existing family member to come and join you in the UK, our immigration lawyers in Harrow can help. 

    Situated in our Greater London office, our Harrow team of immigration lawyers are well versed in all areas of family immigration law. Our lawyers offer full advice and application support, including assistance with the Family Visa requirements. 

    Did you know that the IAS also has offices in LondonBirminghamManchester and many other locations throughout the UK and Ireland? Wherever you are located, the IAS is here for you.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you live in London but need immigration advice or guidance, our office in Harrow has only the most qualified specialists to help you.

    To the untrained eye, UK immigration law can be extremely complex to navigate through. We advise that it is best not to apply if you haven’t sought any legal advice. After all, the Home Office does not issue refunds in the event that your visa application is refused and you could end up losing your legal right to reside in the UK altogether. Having a guiding hand from an IAS immigration lawyer will eliminate this risk and bring you peace of mind. Let us take the burden of your application from you.

    If you have had a visa refusal, an IAS immigration lawyer will also be able to help you appeal the Home Office’s decision, even if we didn’t handle your case initially.

    Our IAS lawyers in Harrow are able to advise you on:

    If you book an Advice Session with us, your lawyer in Harrow will be able to guide you on the right visa type based on your circumstances.

    To find out more about what an IAS immigration lawyer in Harrow can do for you, ring us on 0333 305 9375.

    If your business hopes to recruit talent from abroad, you will need to apply for and fill out an extensive Sponsor Licence application form. Obtaining a Sponsor Licence is crucial in order to legally hire overseas workers, even if you are a small business or charity.

    Unlike a lot of the other visa categories, the Sponsor Licence application involves heavy paperwork and is heavily scrutinised by the UK Government.

    To successfully gain a Sponsor Licence, you must:

    • Ensure your business is eligible
    • Ensure your staff have favourable immigration history (such as no criminal sanctions related to immigration such as failure to meet sponsorship duties)
    • Choose the type of licence you require based on the ‘types’ of workers you need (for example, Tier 2 General Skilled Workers or Tier 5 Temporary Workers)
    • Pick two senior members of your company responsible for managing the sponsorship
    • Apply online
    • Pay a lump fee, varying on the type of visa and size of your business

    The Immigration Advice Service offers a custom-made Sponsorship Licence Application Package to help you navigate through the tricky parts of the sponsorship rules. In this package, your immigration lawyer in Harrow will verify and check every minor detail in your application for a sponsor licence. This includes checking your employee records, advising you on the Resident Labour Market Test, liaising with the Home Office on your behalf, prepping you for the compulsory Home Office visit and completing your application to the highest standard.

    Absolutely, our immigration lawyers in Harrow can provide a helping hand throughout your Judicial Review.

    If the Home Office has decided to refuse your application, they may decide not to grant you the right to appeal too. However, it may be possible to seek an Administrative Review or Judicial Review instead.

    A Judicial Review is where you take your case to court, in which a judge reviews your circumstances and case. This review is different from an appeal because it challenges how the final decision was made rather than if the decision itself is right or wrong.

    An Administrative Review is appropriate if you feel the decision on your application is unfair. You can seek an Administrative Review to ask the Home Office to reconsider your merits and the application again, especially if you had made a seemingly minor error (such as a tax discrepancy).

    The nature of these types of appeals are incredibly time-consuming and can be a stressful time. It is best to seek an IAS lawyer to guide you through the stages and advise you every step of the way.