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Immigration Lawyers in Mill Hill

If you require immigration advice in Mill Hill, London, the Immigration Advice Service is well-equipped to assist. Our OISC-certified immigration solicitors can help you secure a UK visa, no matter how complex your query may seem.
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Can an immigration lawyer in Mill Hill help me with the Tier 1 Investor Visa? 

Out of all the many visa routes in the entire UK points-based system, the Tier 1 Investor Visa appears most beneficial. It stands apart from the other visa routes because Investors who come to the UK under this form of permission are granted a fast-track ticket to full British Citizenship. For most people, this can take anywhere between five to ten years, but as an investor, you can gain permanent citizenship in the UK within just three years.

However, the Tier 1 route is reserved for people with high value to the UK. The rules, therefore, are particularly stringent. For instance, you will need at least £2 million which you must plan on investing in a specific UK business.

Here at the IAS, we have a team of highly trained corporate and business immigration lawyers who can help you to assess your finances and provide adequate records to the Home Office, proving that you are eligible for the Investor Visa. We can even help you fill your application to the highest standard for you.

Speak to us today to find out more about our bespoke corporate immigration packages.

Can the Immigration Advice Service help me with my UK Partner Visa application?

Absolutely – we can help you with all types of Family Visa applications, including the Spouse Visa or Civil Partner Visa.

It is important to note that the UK Partner Visa route has a notorious reputation of being difficult to surpass. Not only must you, as a British person or someone with settled status, prove you have enough space to physically accommodate your other half and prove you have enough money to support them, but your overseas partner will need to sit a series of rigorous tests. This includes the English language test and also what is deemed the ‘genuine relationship test’. Here, both you and your partner will need to prove that you are in a genuine, long-lasting relationship. You basically need to prove that your marriage/civil partnership or long-distance relationship is not for visa purposes or immigration advantages. As such, you are required to submit a portfolio of evidence that documents your relationship.

Fortunately, our immigration lawyers in Mill Hill deal with Spouse Visa, Fiance Visa and Unmarried Partner Visa applications every day. We know exactly what the Home Office wants to see in your application, and we can even help you build a portfolio of evidence to maximise your chance of success. 

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Can Mill Hill Immigration Lawyers Help with the British Citizenship application? 

Did you know that our Mill Hill office of immigration lawyers specialise in British nationality law? 

Situated in Mill Hill, London, our expert immigration caseworkers and lawyers assist with full British citizenship application support. Whether you are married to a British citizen or you have accumulated continuous residency in the UK and wish to naturalise as a British national, our immigration lawyers are here to help.  

Contact our friendly client care team today to hear more about how we can help you secure permanent residency in the UK.  We have offices located across the UK, including in LondonManchester, or Birmingham. You can also use the office finder to find the closest branch to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific timeframe for how long it takes the Home Office to process UK immigration applications. Although our office is based in London, we send all applications to UKVI. Here, applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis and in order of receival.  

It can depend on your individual circumstances such as where you are applying from in the world and which type of visa you are seeking too as to how long you may wait. However, any gaps in your application or missing elements will result in a delay.

Generally speaking, the Home Office aims to deliver a verdict on your visa application within 8 weeks. 

If you require a faster verdict, you can opt for the Super Priority Service in which your application will join the ‘priority’ queue. Here, your application should be processed within five working days – but it can cost anywhere between £500 – £800.  

Alternatively, here at the Immigration Advice Service, our lawyers in London can help you with your entire application within a 24-hour window. If you want to send your application off as quickly as possible but ensure that there are no gaps or potential flaws in your application, you can meet your IAS immigration lawyer in Mill Hill within one working day. Your lawyer will work around the clock to ensure your application is sent off within this timeframe.  

Speak to our client care team today to learn about our Super Priority and Fast-Track Service if you need urgent yet high-quality immigration advice with your application.  

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